What Happens to the Body if You Eat Black Garlic Every Day?

black garlic

Garlic has been used as a common spice for a long time. Through the experience of using as food, people also find that it has a healing effect and is very good for the body. Since then, Garlic is also used as a medicine to prevent and treat a number of common diseases in daily life. However, in recent times, people have been talking about the prevention and treatment of a new type of Garlic called “Black Garlic”. So What is “Black Garlic” and how does it work?.

1. What is Black Garlic?

black garlic

Black Garlic is the finished product when raw Garlic undergoes slow fermentation under strict conditions of temperature (60 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius) and humidity ranging from 80% to 90%. The fermentation time is quite long, from 30 days to 60 days. As a result, raw Garlic is fermented into Black Garlic and the content of active ingredients increases many times compared to raw Garlic when used.

Through the fermentation process, Black Garlic reduces the pungent smell of fresh Garlic, it becomes more delicious, easier to eat, and at the same time loses the bad smell in the mouth after eating Garlic. It has a taste like dried fruit, sweet and slightly chewy, often used in many dishes in large restaurants.

In particular, it has a much higher nutritional value than raw Garlic. Compared with ordinary Garlic, It is rich in nutrients and trace elements necessary for the body and helps to improve functioning. The content of vitamins increases 2 times compared to fresh Garlic. It works as a special anti-oxidant medicine 5-6 times higher than raw Garlic. It helps prevent and inhibit cancer cells.

Scientists also show that, when fermenting, the groups of compounds in Black Garlic increase a lot, the sugar content increases about 13 times, fructose up to 52 times. In particular, sallyllcysteine is a powerful substance that has increased 6 times compared to the original Garlic.

  • Absorbable amino acids 311% higher
  • Carbohydrate content increased from 28.7% to 47.9%
  • Polyphenols increased from 0.08 – 0.1% to 0.5 – 2%
  • Increased levels of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamins B1, B6
    Appearing compounds S-Allyl-S-Cysteine, Alliin, Isoalliin, Methionine, Cycloalliin, Cysteine derivatives, Tetrahydro-Β-Carboline derivatives.

2. What Happens if You Eat Black Garlic Every Day?

Black Garlic offers many outstanding health benefits. Here are 10 unexpected effects of Black Garlic if you eat it every day.

2.1. Strengthen Resistance, Immune System

Not to mention fermented Garlic, fresh regular Garlic has been known for its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Therefore, Garlic after undergoing fermentation will help increase the activity of medicinal substances. Allicin is an amino acid in fermented Garlic that has the ability to kill many different viruses and bacteria even when diluted.

This type of Garlic is very effective in helping patients recover quickly, especially in cases of immunosuppression caused by radiation or chemical use.

2.2. Helps Treat Colds and Flu

Raw Garlic contains anti-bacterial, antibiotic and anti-fungal agents due to its allicin content. In Black Garlic, thanks to the substance S-ally-L-cysteine, which helps to absorb and metabolize allicin more easily, thereby promoting the body’s ability to protect itself against invading bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections. 

Adding it daily helps the body fight the common cold. According to many studies, the daily intake of it helps to provide a lot of allicin, reducing the risk of colds by 63%. In particular, this can reduce the duration of a cold by more than 70%, as from 5 days it can be reduced to 1.5 days

.This is also a popular and very effective effect of Garlic for health used by many people. Let’s use it every day to evaluate the results.

2.3. Balance Blood Sugar Levels

gestational diabetes test blood

A reasonable diet combined with Black Garlic will effectively balance blood sugar levels. Which is full of 18 rare amino acids, high in antioxidants. In particular, the main active ingredients that make up the special effect of Black Garlic in treating diabetes are s-ally cysteine (SAC), polyphenols, diallyl disulfide and diallyl trisufide, S-ethylcysteine, S-allylcysteine, and N-acetylcysteine.

Combination of compounds: Diallyl disulfide and diallyl trisulfide, S-ethylcysteine, S-allylcysteine, and N-acetylcysteine have the effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, protecting LDL against oxidation and glycation…

Isoleucine in Black Garlic is a substance that creates energy and produces hemoglobin, which regulates blood sugar levels. (Hemoglobin_ is in charge of transporting oxygen in the blood).

The results of experiments to verify that Black Garlic can cure diabetes? in an animal model (in 3-week-old mice, with type 2 diabetes) showed:

  • 2 hours after drinking reduced 17.9% ~ 26.2% blood glucose index.
  • Insulin levels were significantly increased in the group of rats taking the Black Garlic extract with the two control groups.
  • Black Garlic significantly reduced serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels many times more than raw Garlic and the group that did not use Garlic.

2.4. Helps Stabilize Blood Pressure

Treatment for high blood pressure is usually with medication combined with lifestyle changes. In addition, diet plays a very important role, patients should regularly use foods that destroy free radicals, including Black Garlic.

Black Garlic contains all 18 amino acids. The content of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates is in balance and is easy to absorb. The content of antioxidants compared to raw Garlic is many times higher, especially s-ally cysteine, polyphenols, etc.

In addition, Black Garlic also helps in the production of nitric oxide. This is a compound that plays a role in transporting oxygen in the blood, thereby reducing the pressure of blood to the vessel walls, lowering blood pressure. Adding vitamin C in Black Garlic helps to purify the blood, prevent blood clots, and effectively reduce cholesterol.

According to the research results of Akita University in Japan, if using Black Garlic continuously for 14 days, there is a significant reduction in blood pressure (up to 34.6%).

According to an estimate published in the Pakistani Journal of Pharmaceutical Science, about 600-1,500 mg of Garlic extract is as effective for 24 weeks as the drug Atenolol commonly used by people with high blood pressure.

2.5. Lower Blood Fat, Blood Cholesterol

black garlic benefits

One of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases, blood fat, high blood pressure, diabetes,… is an excess of cholesterol in the body. Eating fermented Garlic regularly and properly will help lower blood fats, reduce blood cholesterol and maintain them at a reasonable level, and increase HDL – good cholesterol for the body.

This has important implications for people in high-risk groups such as overweight, obese, elderly people, …

Mr. Jason Hu-Hong Kong was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia during a medical check-up. He said: “Because I have high cholesterol, I researched and found that blood fat is a disease many people suffer from, if not treated, it can easily lead to other diseases such as heart disease and stroke.”

Knowing the bad effects of hyperlipidemia, Mr. Hu was very worried and also studied many treatment methods. Recommended by a friend, he sought the help of Black Garlic.

Surprisingly, after using Black Garlic for more than 1 month, his blood fat index decreased and gradually stabilized. “Currently, my blood cholesterol has dropped from 6.4 to 5.3 to just over 0.1,” he said. I believe that if used regularly for a longer time, blood fat will return to normal and stable.” Since using Black Garlic, not only has his blood fat index decreased, he also feels mentally refreshed, comfortable, eats better, sleeps better.

2.6. Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

A study showed that the rich amount of antioxidants found in Black Garlic can help improve heart function in people with coronary artery disease.

Chronic heart disease is primarily the result of inflammation, neurons and cytokines. Black Garlic may help improve blood circulation in patients with heart disease, along with improving their heart functions and neurohormonal hormone levels.

Lysine in Garlic helps reduce cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis. Garlic also contains arginine. When entering the body, this amino acid will be converted into nitric oxide – a neurotransmitter that helps improve blood flow, prevent coronary artery disease, and block arteries.

2.7. Helps to Restore Liver Function

The many effects of medications, diet, toxins, pollution and alcohol can lead to different types of liver disease such as cirrhosis and non-alcoholic liver disease.

Black Garlic inhibits the release of liver enzymes, effectively protecting the liver because it contains Methionine and Threonine. Those are amino acids that promote fat dissolution in the liver and prevent liver damage caused by tylenol poisoning.

Black Garlic has active substances that protect the liver, prevent damage to liver cells and repair previously damaged cells. Black Garlic may also help prevent the risk of liver cancer.

2.8. Preventing and Supporting Cancer Treatment

One of the must-have uses of Black Garlic is that it can help prevent and support the treatment of some cancers. Specifically, thanks to the S-allylcysteine compound in fermented Garlic, it has the ability to inhibit some cancer cell lines such as stomach cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer, etc. …

Besides minimizing the risk of cancer, this type of food also effectively prevents the growth of cancer cells.

2.9. Effectively Reduce Pain and Inflammation of Joints


With effective anti-inflammatory properties, Black Garlic helps reduce swelling, pain and inflammation quickly. At the same time, it also helps to improve and promote the process of functional recovery after damage to muscle mass after injury. Helps to make muscle mass more supple and become stronger.

2.10. Helps to Beautify Skin, Black Hair and Promote Hair Growth

Black Garlic is a good food that can help you prevent premature aging of cells. In addition, it helps eliminate free radicals that are harmful to health.

Vitamin B2 in Black Garlic is completely different from chemically synthesized vitamin B2, they are catalysts that help maintain the beauty and health of the skin, effectively beautifying the skin.

This type of Garlic provides sulfur compounds, making hair and skin healthier and more beautiful. It binds to collagen and keratin – proteins that make up hair, nails and skin. In addition, this Garlic is also recommended for people suffering from arthritis and muscle pain.

Currently, it has been used quite popularly, not only as food but also as an antioxidant and immune booster. In addition to the tuber form, other preparations from Black Garlic such as bottled Black Garlic beverage, Black Garlic extract, Black Garlic soft capsules… have been widely circulated in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore…

It is popular because of its pleasant taste and at the same time has the effect of increasing resistance, reducing fatigue, improving atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, improving digestive and intestinal function, preventing cancer…

Although there are many good uses for health, there are still some cases where Black Garlic should not be used such as:

  • Pregnant women, people with hot flashes, fevers, etc., should not use a lot of Garlic.
  • People who are allergic to Garlic, if deliberately used, can cause itching, even increased blood pressure.
  • People who take anticoagulants should not use much.
  • People with diarrhea.
  • People with low blood pressure.
  • People with eye disease: Women after giving birth or people with many eye and ear diseases, tinnitus, dizziness, should not use it. The use of Black Garlic in this case will cause more severe vision and eye damage.
  • People with kidney disease: Black Garlic still has a pungent taste, that’s why treatment for kidney disease should not be eaten. Because it will cause reactions with medications to create unwanted effects.
  • People with liver disease. Note to healthy people, Garlic helps protect liver cells, but people who already have liver disease should not eat Garlic, it will harm the liver.
  • People with stomach pain should not use.

Use Black Garlic Properly

As recommended, every day you can eat 1-3 Black Garlic bulbs (equivalent to 3g – 5g). And you should not exceed the above dose to avoid unwanted side effects. You can use Black Garlic in a variety of ways such as eating it directly, adding it to food, soaking it in alcohol, soaking it with honey, Garlic juice…

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