Top 5 Fastest and Safest Fever-Reducing Drinks

Reducing Fever is very important

High fever is the body’s normal response to fight off bacteria and viruses that are attacking the body. At this time, the immune system will work to destroy these dangerous agents to protect the body. This will cause chemical reactions in the body that will cause the body temperature to rise.

An increase in body temperature during a fever leads to a loss of water, electrolytes and energy from the body. Therefore, the body needs to be replenished with nutrients, the simplest way is from the foods we use every day.

1. The Importance of Reducing Fever

You need to lower fever to reduce discomfort and complications

Fever is an elevated body temperature, usually above 37.5 degrees Celsius. That has many different causes. Many people think that it is just a natural response of the body, so they want to let the fever go away on its own. Ideally, as soon as you detect a fever, you should find a way to bring it down quickly.

Some studies have shown that our body will function best within the allowable body temperature. Specifically, if your body temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius, you are in the best health condition. For normal activities, we cannot ignore fever reduction.

One of the complications left after a high fever is sequelae in the nerves and brain. There are children who, overnight, have become intellectually disabled, have difficulty moving their limbs due to cerebral palsy. Fever affects every organ of the body. The heart rate will become faster and everything will respond to the tachycardia. The kidneys have to work harder because the pulse is faster. Your body begins to eliminate waste faster. Everything happens at a faster rate due to an increased metabolism. You also start to sweat as your body temperature rises.

Especially high fever above 40 degrees Celsius, prolonged, if not treated promptly, can cause complications such as convulsions, dehydration, respiratory and cardiovascular complications, blood clotting disorders, neurological sequelae, movement… even death if the progression is severe, causing multi-organ failure.

Therefore, fever reduction for the body needs to be done quickly to reduce discomfort and complications.

2. Why Should You Drink a lot of Water When You Have a Fever?

With a high fever, the patient tends to become dehydrated. Their water needs will be higher than the normal person. If not treated in time, the patient is very likely to have serious and unpredictable complications.

Fever is usually the body’s way for the body to produce antibodies to fight viruses and bacteria that cause illness. High temperature, profuse sweating, increased heart rate, and rapid breathing are all signs that the body is fighting against harmful agents. Timely replenishment of water is an indirect way for you to energize your body to fight disease.

Moreover, water is considered an important ingredient in creating solvents, helping all biochemical activities inside the body to take place smoothly and efficiently. Water is the catalyst for the body to eliminate toxins to the outside environment. From the above explanations, you probably know the reason why we need to add a lot of water when we have a fever, right?.

3. What Water to Drink to Quickly Reduce Fever?

Why Drink water to reduce fever, it has been proven above. In addition to filtered water, patients should add drinks with ingredients that are essential minerals and vitamins for the body, such as fruit juice, mineral water, coconut water…

You can refer to some drinks that Doctors recommend below:

3.1. Orange Juice

orange juice fever
Orange juice has many uses for the body

Orange juice has many uses for the body, especially those with fever such as: strengthening the immune system to fight fever-causing agents, eliminating fever-causing toxins from the body, regulating temperature to help reduce fever, stimulates digestion, provides water and electrolytes, prevents anemia,…

Therefore, when having a fever, besides filtered water, the patient can increase drinking Orange juice to replenish water for the body. However, it should be noted that: do not drink Orange juice on an empty stomach to avoid increasing the amount of acid that damages the stomach lining, do not drink Orange juice with drugs that easily destroy the structure and make the drug inactive. Do not drink Orange juice with milk because it can cause flatulence or digestive disorders.

Fruit juices, fruit smoothies such as Oranges, Lemons, Bananas, Mangoes and Strawberries are the first choice for patients with high fever. Because these fruits will provide more essential vitamins for the body to increase resistance. In addition, they also help reduce fever, replenish electrolytes that are lacking when having a fever.

3.2. Bean Juice

The water of the Beans such as Black Beans, Mung Beans, Red Beans, has the effect of lowering body temperature very quickly. Just drinking a cup of Bean juice will quickly feel more comfortable. You can cook the Beans together or you can cook each Bean separately, adding a little salt, a little sugar to feel delicious and restore energy. Add a little Ginger to enhance the flavor of the dish and help warm up the body to effectively stop the cough.

If you regularly exercise, these Legume drinks will be very healthy for cooling and safer than carbonated drinks. So, what to drink to reduce fever quickly, you can immediately refer to this nutritious drink.

3.3. Fish Mint Juice

In Oriental medicine, Fish Mint is a vegetable with cool properties, used in many remedies. It has the ability to detoxify, purify, and remove phlegm and effectively support the treatment of constipation. When having a fever, the family should prepare this drink for the sick person. Wash, put in a blender and squeeze Fish Mint juice for people with fever to drink. One thing is for sure, in a short time, the patient will change direction positively.

When reducing temperature with Fish Mint, you put it in a blender to drink it directly with a few grains of white salt or you can boil it with a little water to wash rice and rock sugar to drink during the day. However, this fever-reducing drink only applies when they do not have diarrhea because in case of diarrhea, it will make the situation worse.

3.4. Drink Coconut Water

coconut water potassium
Coconut water is good

Coconut water is a favorite refreshing drink of adults and children. Many studies also show that coconut water is very beneficial for health. So can people with fever drink Coconut water? What are the benefits of Coconut water?.

Coconut water has great uses like Oresol, which helps to provide electrolytes, vitamin C and potassium, etc., which is very good for people with fever. Vitamin C in Coconut water will help strengthen the immune system, helping to quickly recover from illness.

Besides, Coconut water contains very few calories and sugar, people who are overweight, diabetic, etc. can also use Coconut water when they have a fever without worrying about affecting their general health.

Therefore, to the question “can you drink Coconut water if you have a fever”, the answer is absolutely yes! Besides reducing fever, this drink also has many other health benefits such as weight loss, anti-aging, refreshment…

Note that Coconut water is cold. If you want to drink the best Coconut water, you must cook Coconut water with ginger and rock sugar to remove the coldness of the Coconut.

3.5. Drink Oresol Combined with Fruit Juice

Oresol has the effect of helping to replace the lost water in the body and reduce fever quickly. However, many people do not like the taste of this medicine because it is difficult to take. Therefore, the best way to handle it is to mix Oresol with juice.

At this time, the juice will have the effect of removing the unpleasant taste of Oresol, and also add vitamins to the body. This amazing combination will help your fever subside quickly.

In addition to having a fever, the body will become weak and tired, so you should eat liquid, soft, easy-to-swallow foods for easy digestion. Some types of liquid foods are easy to digest, full of nutrients to help patients recover quickly such as: Pho, Vermicelli, Porridge, Soup, …You can add Chicken, Beef in these foods to speed up the recovery of people with fever.

You should eat Yogurt because the rich amount of protein will help the body recover quickly and reduce fever. In addition, Yogurt is rich in calcium, other vitamins and minerals that have the ability to prevent bacteria from entering and fight fever caused by viruses.

4. How to Drink Water When You Have a Fever?

When having a fever, what should you drink?, but the patient also needs to know how to drink them properly to achieve the desired effect.

  •  When you have a fever, you need to replenish your body with about 1.5-2l of water every day. You can choose from the following types: Juice, Oresol solution,… to cool down and purify the body.
  • ,You should avoid certain beverages:

+ Alcohol: makes the body sweat and lose water faster, increasing the risk of prolonged fever.

+ Cold water: constricts blood vessels, adversely affects blood circulation, increases body temperature, sore throat, increases the risk of headaches,…

+ Green tea water: makes the brain stimulated, increases blood sugar, so body temperature increases, reducing the effect of antipyretic drugs.

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