Top 10 best Fruits for stabilizing blood sugar and 5 Fruits Diabetics need to avoid immediately

fruits for diabetics
Which are Fruits for Diabetics

Fruits provide a great deal of fiber to the body, especially, people eat both the pods and the intestines. Fiber helps the body limit the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, therefore, diabetes controlling and blood sugar are very important. In addition, fiber along with antioxidants, water, vitamins and nutrients in fruits also reduce the risk of diabetes complications such as cardiovascular disease, stroke. It’s also good for Diabetics health and against the risk of diseases.

But Fruits are rich in carbohydrate, eating fruit can make diabetes worse. So which fruits are good and which ones should avoid? There are top 10 best fruits for stabilizing blood sugar and other kind of fruits Diabetics need to avoid immediately?

According to nutrition experts, people with diabetes should eat fruits with a glycemic index (GI) ≤ 69 and a lower GI index as possible. The following are good and safe fruits for people with diabetes:

I. Top 10 best Fruits for Diabetics you should know

1. Apples

Apple contains great deal of fiber, vitamin C and several antioxidants which make it more resistant to health. Apples are fruits that people with diabetes should eat because they contain low levels of carbs (about 21g).

diabetics eat apple to control blood sugar
Diabetes patients should eat Apple to control blood sugar

In addition, apples also contain pectin – a substance that helps eliminate toxins from the body and reduces insulin requirements in diabetics by about 35%. Numerous studies have found that eating apples is associated with a lower risk of diabetes. One study found that women who ate apples every day had a 28% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than women who didn’t eat any apples.

Therefore, Diabetics and pregnant women with diabetes should often eat apples.

2. Avocado

The healthy fats and potassium in avocado is very beneficial for diabetics. Avocados also help reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol levels in the body. More specifically, 15 is the glycemic index found in an avocado, very low and very safe.

avocado fruit for stabilizing blood sugar and diabetics
Avocado is good fruit for stabilizing blood sugar of diabetics

The carbohydrate content in avocado is only about 5.9g so there is little impact on the glycemic index in the blood. At the same time, the fiber content in avocado is quite high at 4.6g per 100g. Therefore, avocado is a very good fruit that people with diabetes should eat.

3. Kiwi

Among the fruits, kiwis are the most nutritious. It is mentioned that the ability to provide folic acid helps prevent fetal deformities and replenishes many nutrients such as potassium, fiber and vitamin C.

According to nutrition experts said that, a large kiwi contains about 13 grams of carbs and 56 calories. Kiwi is high in vitamin C, potassium and fiber. People with diabetes eat kiwi every day which provides nutrition and stabilizing blood sugar.

diabetics should eat kiwi for blood sugar stable
Diabetics should eat Kiwis for blood sugar stable

4. Red Grapefruit

Red grapefruit contains many kind of vitamins C and soluble fiber good for the body. The juice of red grapefruit also acts as the hormone insulin to lower blood sugar. Grapefruit is up to 91% water, has a glycemic index of 25 and is high in soluble fiber. Grapefruit also contains naringenin – a naturally bitter compound that helps increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It only takes about half a grapefruit a day to control blood sugar.

grapefeuit control blood sugar
Grapefruit control blood sugar

Note: If the patient is using stalin-Cholesterol lowering drugs, do not eat grapefruit at the same time because grapefruit can reduce the effectiveness of the drug and increase side effects on the liver and kidneys.

5. Strawberry

Strawberries are also an answer to diabetes and what fruits should be eat. Experts said a quarter cup of strawberries which contain only 16 grams of carbs. Low carbs help patients supplement daily without worrying that their blood sugar index will increase.

Strawberries contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber that help patients control diabetes. With a glycemic index of 41 and low in carbohydrates, strawberries also help diabetics do not feel hungry, making them are always full of energy and balance blood sugar. Eating about 1 cup of strawberries a day which will be very beneficial for the patients.

strawberry contain vitamins
Strawberries contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber

6. Guava

Guava contains many kind of vitamins and minerals that are good for the body such as: vitamin A, potassium, copper, manganese, folate, abundant vitamin C and fiber. Guava is considered to be one of the fruits that is very suitable for Diabetics and pregnant women with diabetes, because of its high fiber source to help prevent high blood sugar after eating, so diabetics can choose guava for blood sugar controlling.

diabetics can choose guava blood sugar controlling
Diabetics can choose to eat guava for Blood sugar controlling

People with diabetes eat guava to help prevent hyperglycemia after eating. In addition, tyrosine phosphatase 1B inhibitory activity of guava will reduce insulin resistance of diabetics.

7. Orange

Oranges are not only a preferred choice when you have questions about what you should eat, but it also have a positive effect on many other diseases. Oranges are rich in fiber, low in sugar, high in vitamins C and B1, folic acid, calcium, potassium to help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, diuretic, detoxification. Which also have the ability to control blood sugar. An orange with 87% water, the glycemic index is also quite low, at 44.

orange help keep blood sugar stable
Oranges keep your blood sugar at a healthy level

In addition, oranges also help maintain a healthy weight. Eating an Orange every day is a good habit that to help keep your blood sugar at a healthy level..Diabetes should eat Oranges than Orange juice to increase fiber for the body.

8. Cherry

Nutrition experts said that 1 cup of Cherries which contains only 19 grams of carbs. So Diabetics will not increase blood sugar if eat a reasonable amount. Cherries are extremely beneficial for diabetes by low glycemic index of 22, rich vitamins C, A, B9, antioxidants, iron, potassium, magnesium and fiber. More over, Cherries are high in anthocyanins – antioxidants that reduce lower blood sugar and increase insulin production by 50%. Eating 1 cup of fresh Cherries daily will be very helpful in diabetes managing.

cherry helpful in blood sugar controlling
Cherries are very helpful in diabetes controlling

9. Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains abundant iron content and many other minerals, vitamins, nutrients good for health. People who drink pomegranate juice will help control blood sugar levels effectively. Eating pomegranate help support the digestive system, reduce cholesterol, prevent diabetic complications such as complications of coronary artery disease in people with diabetes, cardiovascular complications, high blood pressure.

Using this fruit will benefit diabetics because it helps regulate blood sugar. Pomegranates also have a low glycemic index of 18.

Pomegranates are helpful for diabetics
Pomegranates help regulate blood sugar

10. Plums and Prunes

Both plums and prunes are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.suitable for diabetics to cool down and replenish energy when tired. In addition to being low in calories, prunes also have a very low glycemic index, at 24. By the rich fiber source, plums make it an ideal fruit for diabetics and even heart disease. Prunes also help relieve constipation for many patients and help improve the digestive system.

Additionally, which have several characteristics that may reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, Plums and Prune taste delicious and require little preparation, so which are easy to incorporate into your diet.

plums stabilize blood sugar
Prunes do not appear to cause a substantial rise in blood sugar levels

II. Top 5 fruits Diabetics need to avoid immediately

Contains many vitamins, minerals, fiber … so fruits are recommended by nutrition experts regularly to benefit health. However, it’s not always good to eat lots of fruit, especially for people with diabetes. There are so many fruits that they absolutely must stay away. So what fruits should people with diabetes not eat?, because they can cause increased blood sugar.

1. Ripe pineapples

Pineapple is a fruit rich in trace elements and many vitamins such as A, C …, contains anti-inflammatory so it is good for the body. However, Ripe pineapple is very sweet. Pineapple is a high sugar food, especially when it is easy to cause hyperglycemia. That sweet, sticky juice running down your chin contains about 16 grams of sugar per cup. 

Therefore, the patient should eat only a few at a time.

diabetics shouldn't eat ripe pineapple
Diabetics should not eat ripe pineapple because of hyperglycemia

2. Ripe mango

In fact, mango is a very good fruit for diabetics. Despite containing sugar, it is found in green mango peels that have compounds that help insulin work better. However, when it is ripe, it is easier to raise blood sugar than unripe mangoes. Ripe mangoes have a larger percentage of sugar than other fruit, which is why they taste so sweet. One cup of mango contains 100 calories  and 23 grams of sugar and it is not good for stabilizing blood sugar of Diabetics. Each day Diabetics should put in a few small slices of mango for taste (can replace snacks).

mangoes increase blood sugar
Mangoes contain larger percentage of sugar which will increase blood sugar after eating

3. Ripe Banana

Among the fruits, Bananas are a much sweeter fruit, especially when Bananas are ripe. This means that the sugar content is also quite high. You may want to think twice before eating a ripe Banana breakfast. Unlike some fruit, Bananas contain mostly carbs. In fact, 93 percent of their calories come from carbohydrates. Also, they contain up to 16 percent sugar. Therefore, Diabetics who want to eat bananas should only eat about half a Banana.

ripe banana high carb
Ripe Bananas contain high carbs, diabetics should avoid

4. Lychee, Logan

These two fruits are very low in fiber but have a large amount of sugar, so even though it’s good for the body, Diabetics patients need to limit these fruits. Eating only a few fresh fruits at lunch time or away from meals.

Lychee fruit can be used as a sweetener for desserts or cocktails and contains a whopping 29 grams of sugar per serving. It is not good for Diabeics’s health.

lychee high sugar
Lychees contain high sugar content which is not good for Diabetics

5. Jackfruit, durian

Durians are cholesterol-free, they have high fibre and carbohydrate, high sugar content, so people with diabetes will need to be careful how much they eat. According to studies, The amount of sugar in the flesh of 3 durian seeds is equivalent to the sugar of 1 bowl of white rice or 1 can of cocacola. People with diabetes should be limited from eating jackfruit and durian. If you eat, you should only eat 2-3 jackfruit or durian zone. 

diabetics should not eat durian
People with diabetes should be limited from eating Durian

III. Some notes when eating fruits to avoid sudden hyperglycemia

1. Avoiding to eat sweet fruits

When the fruit is ripe, it is the time with the highest sugar content. For patients with diabetes should choose fruits that are medium or green to their health.

2. Limiting drink fruits juice or put sugar in it:

Fruit juice causes a loss of nutrients, and juice often has a high sugar content. In addition, due to the habit of using or giving sugar for ease of use, this also causes high blood sugar. People with diabetes should pay attention to this.

3. Limit dry, canned fruits, as the sugar in the fruit has been concentrated.

For fruits that are easy to increase hyperglycemia, you eat them at the first time, you should measure your blood sugar before eating and after eating 2 hours. If there is an indication of increased blood sugar, reduce the amount of fruit for that meal.

Do not eat a lot of fruit a day, but should only eat up to 3 times at snacks.

The amount of fruit eat each time should not exceed 150 grams or just fit in the palm.

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