Surprising Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Diabetics

dragon fruit provides natural fructose
Dragon fruit provides natural fructose that is good for Diabetics

Dragon fruit is famous as a ‘representative’ of tropical fruit, bringing many health benefits. But there are still many doubts that Diabetics can eat Dragon fruit?. The abundant fiber in this fruit can control blood sugar and prevent the risk of diabetes. They also work for people with this disease.

The human body with diabetes is often quite sensitive to the food groups with a high Glycemic Index, so in the diet, careful selection should be considered. Along learn more about the uses of Dragon fruit treatment for patients with diabetes can safely eat delicious. Dragon fruit tree belongs to the cactus family, originating from Central and South America. There are three types of Dragon fruit: the red skin with the majority white-flesh, the yellow-colored shell with the white-flesh and the red skin with the red-flesh.

In terms of nutrition, for every 100 grams of Dragon fruit provide 85-87g of water; 40-60 calories of energy; 1.1g of protein; 0.0g fat; 11.2 g of general sugar; 0.59g of ash; Many vitamins and minerals: 0.011mg vitamin A, 3mg vitamin C, 2.8mg vitaminPP, 10.2mg calcium, 38.9mg magnesium, 6.07mg iron, 27.5mg phosphorus, 27.2mg potassium, 2.9mg sodium.

Dragon fruit contains a lot of pectin mucus, soluble fiber and cellulose insoluble fiber, which are effective in preventing constipation, obesity, atherosclerosis, colitis … very effective. It is also a fruit containing low sugar, rich in magnesium, many vitamins and minerals, low energy (40-60 calories), low heat generation, so eating Dragon fruit regularly is very good for Diabetics. are in need of weight loss.

dragon fruit provides natural fructose
Dragon fruit provides natural fructose that is good for Diabetics

Diabetic patients can eat Dragon fruit?

Just like with other fruits, Diabetics absolutely CAN eat Dragon fruit with a certain amount. Here are some “convincing” reasons you should add d this fruit to the menu.

Low glycemic index

According to nutritional analyzes, Dragon fruit has a low Glycemic Index (less than 55), is considered a rich source of minerals and mainly provides slow-metabolized fructose natural sugar, which is very good for people with diabetes.

Add a variety of fiber

In addition, in dragon fruit there are two important groups of fibers, pectin (soluble) and cellulose (insoluble), contributing to slow down the absorption of sugar, control blood sugar levels, and do not increase sugar mutation. The high amount of fiber in Dragon fruit is extremely good for people with diabetes because the fiber can help stabilize blood sugar in the body by eliminating excess sugar. However, you need to consult your doctor if you make any dietary changes to make sure this fruit is really right for you.

Provides fatty acids

When you chew dragon fruit seeds carefully, you will get more important groups of fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. Thanks to these two nutrients, the wall of the vessels is firmly strengthened, thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases caused by complications of diabetes.

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Note to eat Dragon fruit properly for people with diabetes

dragon fruit good for diabetes
Diabetics should eat white flesh Dragon fruit instead of red flesh Dragon fruit

Depending on health status and disease level, each person will be recommended to eat an appropriate amount of Dragon fruit. However, Diabetics should refer to and follow some notes below to take full advantage of the benefits that Dragon fruit brings.

  • Limit eating red flesh Dragon fruit because the amount of sugar in this type of fruit is higher than that of white flesh fruit.
  • It is best to eat fruit directly instead of drinking Dragon fruit juice, each day should only eat a maximum of 1 fruit.
  • The best time to eat Dragon fruit is about 2 hours after a main meal. In addition, dragon fruit can be eaten in the middle of the morning, after 11am or at 5pm.
  • Do not just focus on eating Dragon fruit, please combine a variety of fruits to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

It can be seen that, if you eat Dragon fruit with a scientific diet, this fruit can help control blood sugar effectively. Along with a reasonable diet when treating diabetes, remember to check your blood sugar index regularly and see your doctor if you notice any abnormalities.

Some other surprising benefits of Dragon fruit

Improve immune function

Dragon fruit is loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants that help destroy harmful free radicals and improve immunity. In addition, this fruit is a much better source of vitamin C than carrots. It also contains B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, niacin and fiber, all of which contribute to boosting immune function,

Improve heart function

This food has the ability to reduce the amount of cholesterol that is harmful to the body, while enhancing the healthy fats for the body, thereby helping the heart to work better. A study published in Pharmacognosy Research in 2010 showed that eating more fruit will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and prevent high blood pressure. This miracle fruit is a rich source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

Therefore, this fruit can be considered as an effective cholesterol reduction method. The black seeds in Dragon fruit also have enough omega fatty acids to help reduce triglycerides and improve cardiovascular function.

Prevent cancer

Some studies show that Dragon fruit is a powerful source of lycopene, capable of reducing the risk of prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. Free radicals are also destroyed by adequate amounts of antioxidants, thereby preventing cancer.

Reduce signs of aging

According to Life Hack, eating a fruit rich in antioxidants can keep skin tight and young. You can even make a mask using Dragon fruit in combination with honey as a natural alternative to an anti-aging mask.

Dragon fruit contains a lot of iron to help strengthen blood

This may sound strange, but iron – the substance needed by the body to produce hemoglobin – is abundant in Dragon fruit. Hemoglobin, also known as hemoglobin, is a complex protein that contains iron ions in red blood cells and accounts for 33% of the weight of red blood cells. This protein is responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the organs and transporting CO2 from the organs to the lungs. Therefore, eating more fruit will provide more iron for the body, increase blood circulation.

Dragon fruit helps to improve the digestive system

As you know, dragon fruit contains a lot of fiber, which improves intestinal activity because the fiber is easily absorbed through the digestive tract. Eating plenty of these foods will help reduce your risk of symptoms like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Prevent arthritis

Arthritis directly affects joints, causing irritation and severe immobility. Adding them to your diet can help you fight these diseases. The benefits of Dragon fruit for people with arthritis are so great that it is often referred to as “anti-inflammatory fruit”.

Who should not eat Dragon fruit

red flesh dragon fruit
Red flesh Dragon fruit has a high sugar content. People with diabetes should limit eating.

Although there are many healthy vitamins, if you do not know how to eat properly, Dragon fruit will also harm your health.

Here are the “taboo” when eating this type of fruit:

  • Should not eat diarrhea with diarrhea: Dragon fruit is cold. People who are physically damaged, often have diarrhea, tired limbs, pale face should not eat a lot of Dragon fruits.
  • When you have your period: Similar to people with cold conditions, for women, when they come to menstruation, their physical strength will become weak and susceptible to cold, fear of cold. Therefore, this is a special time to avoid eating Dragon fruits of the sisters.
  • Dragon fruit and milk are not eaten together: The combination of Dragon fruit and milk will affect the digestive function of the digestive tract! This is like drinking milk when you don’t drink with orange or lemon juice. Dragon fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, and milk is rich in protein. When entering the body, these two nutrients combine to create mild poisoning symptoms, causing diarrhea.
  • Make sure to wash the shell: Because the shell has many meandering ears, creating niches that easily become home to pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, the peel of Dragon fruit is very easy to contain bacteria, so if you cut and consume Dragon fruit without washing it, then be careful that the bacteria will cling to the knife and go to the flesh of the fruit, thereby entering our body to cause sick.
  • Dragon fruit is not a low-sugar fruit: Many people believe that Dragon fruit is not sweet, so it is a low-sugar fruit. But in fact, the fructose in fruit is relatively high!. So, the best people with diabetes should eat less this fruit !.

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