Safe breakfast for diabetics to fight diabetes

breakfast for diabetes
A healthy Breakfast for diabetics help control blood glucose

Breakfast for diabetics who need to reduce fat and control blood sugar. The basic principle of the diet of people with diabetes in general and type 2 diabetes in particular is to minimize carbohydrates.

This works to avoid hyperglycemia, limiting saturated fatty acids to avoid metabolic disorders. The menu for people with diabetes needs to be developed to provide the body with a sufficient and stable amount of sugar.

Ideal Breakfast for diabetics

breakfast for diabetes
A healthy Breakfast for diabetics help control blood glucose

A healthy breakfast for people with diabetes doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to a few foods. A few tips that can help people eat well no matter their favorite palate:

– Maximize protein intake. Protein can help people feel full. It also facilitates healthy tissue and muscle growth. Nuts, beans, and animal products, such as milk and meat, are good sources of protein.

– Fiber can combat the spike in blood sugar, give you a feeling of stomach fullness and encourage digestive health. Most vegetables, many fruits, seeds, nuts, seeds, bran and oat bran are high in fiber.

– Sugar is not only in food, you are also careful with drinks. Water is a healthier choice than fruit juices and other sweet drinks. Soda, coffee and sugary teas can cause hyperglycemia, so limit sweeteners.

– Eating two small breakfasts 2-3 hours apart can reduce changes in blood sugar levels, while supporting a healthy weight. Many people with diabetes prefer the diet to include 5-7 small meals a day.

– A diet high in salt can weaken heart health and increase blood pressure. People with diabetes need to be especially careful about salt intake. Most salt comes from pre-packaged foods, so it is better to eat fresh and cooked foods at home. Potassium-rich foods, such as dark leafy greens, beets, sweet potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, avocado and bananas, will help offset the effects of sodium on health.

Here are 7 breakfast suggestions for increasing resistance to diabetes.

1. Boiled eggs, Egg rolls, ideal breakfast food for people with diabetes

An egg contains 6-7g of protein. Using eggs every day will help reduce excess fat, keep the body index stable. The eggs are rolled or boiled without processing time, and have a great effect in the treatment process. People with diabetes can eat less than 6 eggs / week.

Egg stir- fried with bitter melon: bitter melon can speed up the secretion of insulin, improve the ability of cells to absorb glucose, and prevent the liver from producing too much glucose. You can eat with sautéed asparagus in olive oil.

egg is healthy breakfast for diabetes
Egg is a healthy breakfast for diabetics

In addition, thanks to its antioxidant capacity, bitter melon helps cells in the body be healthy and slow to age. When fried with eggs, the bitterness of this fruit will be softened, while adding protein for breakfast.

2. Oats + fruit mixed with nutritious milk

Oatmeal contains beta-glucan fiber, which slows down the absorption of blood sugar and stimulates feelings of fullness. People with diabetes can use oatmeal to cook porridge, or mix with fruit and milk also delicious.

oatmeal is best breakfast for diabetics
Oatmeal is also the best breakfast for diabetics

The method is very simple:

– First mix the oats with boiling water to make them expand and thicken

– Once the mixture has cooled, add the powdered milk and chopped fruit, mix well and enjoy

3. Yogurt mixed fruits, nutritious seeds

Breakfast food for diabetics with unsweetened yogurt mixed with fruits (strawberries, blueberries, avocado …) and nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.) are rich in protein, providing fiber and good fats.

yogurt good for diabetic breakfast
Unsweetened yogurt is also a good idea for diabetic breakfast

In addition, the linoleic acid in yogurt has the ability to eliminate fat, providing probiotics that promote digestion. Unsweetened yogurt is the perfect healthy breakfast for people with diabetes. Yogurt contains about 10g of protein per 100g, even better. For those who like sweets, sprinkle a few more raspberries or blueberries and a few pumpkin seeds. This is a protein-rich breakfast and also provides some good fiber and fat.

4. Lean meat, chicken breast + Salad are very nutritious

You can boil lean meat or chicken breast and mixed with salad together to get protein and fiber from vegetables (lettuce, purple cabbage, red radish, cherry tomatoes …). Fiber can combat the rise in blood sugar and stimulate digestion. You should eat vegetable which are rich fiber and stabilizing blood sugar. The sauce can be made from unsweetened yogurt, ketchup, lemon juice, and salt.

salad breakfast for diabetics
Salad with lean meat are rich protein and fiber for diabetes

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5. Chicken porridge and carrots help reduce blood sugar levels

Skinless chicken breast is also a protein food, good for diabetics. Meanwhile, carrots with enzymes and vitamin A precursors are good sources of plant insulin to lower blood sugar. If you have diabetes and high cholesterol, try the carrot chicken porridge for breakfast.

Chicken porridge breakfast for diabetics
Chicken porridge for diabetic breakfast

6. Fruits with low sugar are good for Diabetics

Fruit may be a good breakfast choice, but large amounts of fruit can cause a spike in blood sugar. Also, the fruit itself is not enough to fill us up. You should choice low sugar Fruits for Diabetics.

Avocados provide about 10g of fiber per cup. High in heart-healthy fats, this fruit provides a full breakfast. People with diabetes can try avocado with pale cottage cheese or eggs.

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Some notes: In addition to the breakfast food for people with diabetes, patients can refer to the soup, soup, stew. Do not eat too much salt because it can cause heart failure and hypertension.

You can refer some foods which are healthy breakfast for diabetes:

  •  Fried egg + wholemeal bread + mixed salad
  • Oatmeal is cooked with minced meat
  • Whole grain porridge Beef rice vermicelli / noodle + blanched rice
  • Vermicelli + vegetables Lean meat porridge + dessert kiwifruit Chicken + vegetables + toad juice
  • Whole grains + glass of unsweetened milk

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