Papaya has Sweet Taste, it is Good for People with Diabetes?

diabetics papaya

Ripe papaya has a characteristic sweet taste, so Diabetics do not dare to eat it. In fact, this is an good fruit for the health of people with diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic disease, its progression can negatively affect human health and life. Fighting hyperglycemia or managing high blood sugar levels in the body has a lot to do with lifestyle factors like diet and exercise. Many studies suggest that certain fruits like papaya are natural inhibitors because they are directly derived from plants and are cheaper, less toxic and very easy to buy.

Papaya is one of the most cultivated species of the family Caricaceae. Both the flesh and seeds of the this fruit have anti-diabetic properties. However, the benefits of this fruit for diabetics are always controversial. Some say that it can worsen diabetes and spike blood sugar levels. The truth is given by experts below!.

1. How does Papaya Affect Blood Sugar?

Papaya has a glycemic index GI=23 and is classified as a low glycemic index food, this means that when eating them, natural sugar will be released slowly and not too quickly in the blood suddenly.

According to modern medical research, in 100g this fruit contains only 7.82g sugar. It contains a proteolytic enzyme called papain before ripening. This enzyme slows the progression of type 2 diabetes and also protects diabetics from the damaging effects of harmful free radicals.

Moreover, in 100g papaya also contains 5.9g fiber, the amount of fiber in this snack will help patients feel fuller longer, reduce cravings and eliminate unhealthy eating habits. So Diabetics’s blood sugar can be safe when eating them.

2. Diabetics can Eat Papaya?

Can people with diabetes eat?

This fruit is very suitable for improving vision health, strengthening resistance and supplementing essential nutrients for the body. In particular, despite being a sweet fruit, eating them can positively support the improvement of diabetes and the prevention of disease risk in healthy people.

Many scientific studies prove that: after consuming 438g type of fruit can significantly reduce blood sugar levels. Diabetics should not ignore whole fruits, one of which is the papaya. 

2.1. Papaya contains less sugar

Although it has a sweet taste, the sugar content is quite low. This level of sugar does not affect people with diabetes too much. Each average papaya contains about 8.3g of sugar. At the same time, some studies have also shown that it contains ingredients that help reduce the progression of type 2 diabetes. This fruit is rich in an enzyme called papain that protects the body from damage caused by free radicals.

2.2. Papaya is rich in vitamins

This is one of the fruits rich in vitamins A, C, magnesium, iron, calcium… As a result, they have the ability to enhance cardiovascular health for diabetics, prevent or support the treatment of cardiovascular complications of diabetics.

Normally, in 150 grams of flesh will include 59 calories, 3 grams of fiber, 11% of potassium and protein and essential vitamins such as vitamin A (33%), B9 (14%), a large amount of vitamin C. Papaya flesh also contains carotenoids, flavonoids, papain, quercetin…, which are very beneficial for diabetics. In medicine, in addition to the fruit, other parts of the plant are also used to make medicine

2.3. The glycemic index is low

The sweetness of papaya is the opposite of its glycemic index. Yes, the GI is very low (GI = 23), so when eating it, blood sugar will not increase as suddenly as when using other high-sugar fruits. However, should only eat whole fruit, limit processing into smoothies with added sugar, add milk, it will reduce fiber.

2.4. Contains a lot of fiber

In 100g papaya contains 5.9g fiber, the amount of fiber in this snack will help patients feel fuller longer, reduce cravings and eliminate unhealthy eating habits.

2.5. Contains powerful antioxidants

Papaya is a rich source of antioxidants, the carotenoids in papaya have the ability to neutralize and destroy free radicals extremely effectively. Free radicals are the cause of oxidative stress, leading to extremely dangerous diseases or complications, one of which is Alzheimer’s disease.

Several studies have demonstrated that papaya extract may be able to reduce biomarkers associated with oxidative damage to DNA by up to 40% when taken continuously for 6 months.

2.6. Effectively reduce inflammation

Inflammation is one of the causes of chronic diseases such as heart disease or cancer. Unsafe foods and unhealthy lifestyles can increase inflammation in the body.

One study proved that, consuming carotenoid content (found in papaya) can help a man reduce CRP significantly.

2.7. Improve cardiovascular health 

papaya glycemic index
Papaya has a low glycemic index and is high in vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants

Additional activity of lycopene and vitamin C by adding papaya in your diet can improve heart health is extremely effective.

By enhancing the protective effects of HDL (good) cholesterol, papaya can protect you, reduce your risk of heart disease and help you have a healthy heart.

2.8. Good for skin

The abundant lycopene content in papaya can help your body fight aging conditions. The antioxidants in papaya can fight the harmful effects of free radicals, helping you to have a healthy body as well as a healthy skin.

The active ingredients in papaya can help reduce wrinkles, reduce and prevent the development of acne as well as support the treatment of melasma on the skin.

2.9. Green papaya supports weight loss

In addition to ripe papaya, green papaya also shows a significant effect when it helps to lower bad cholesterol in the blood, helping blood sugar to maintain a stable index. Not only that, with a large amount of antioxidants, green papaya helps stimulate the conversion of sugar into energy, significantly improving blood sugar.

Papaya resin contains papain, amino acids, lexin, tyrosin, fat, malic acid, hydrolyzed yeast, fat… Papain has the effect of burning fat, protit products, releasing amino acids such as alamine, acaimin, triprophan. People have tested papain in combination with chicken eggs and found that the eggs lost their viscosity and liquefied. That said, the papain in green or ripe papaya is very good for digestion and helps to lose weight effectively.

Ripe papaya is a delicious, easy-to-digest food. If the stomach is full due to eating eggs, we can eat them to help digest eggs, relieve bloating. Meanwhile, green papaya also has many effects such as weight loss, stomach pain treatment. If you want to stew bones and meat quickly, add green papaya to cook with it, it will cook faster.

3. Can People with Gestational Diabetes Eat Papaya?

Particularly for pregnant women with gestational diabetes, they should not eat green papaya. So can gestational diabetes eat ripe papaya? The answer is still “Yes”. However, pregnant women should be especially careful to eat only about 2 to 3 times a week and only a small piece to control blood sugar levels.

They should eat them in moderation, absolutely do not use green papaya. In particular, pregnant women with gestational diabetes who are experiencing problems related to the digestive system and intestinal tract should also consider before eating overripe papaya so as not to affect the health of the mother and the fetus.

Some Notes When Diabetic Patients Eat Papaya

Although it can be used and added to the diet, people with diabetes need to pay special attention to using it properly. Please note a few points:

  • Before eating, you should remove papaya seeds because the seeds contain toxicity that can easily cause vascular disorders and nervous breakdowns. …
  • Pregnant women should not use green papaya, especially in the first months because they can cause miscarriage.
  • Should use a moderate amount, avoid eating too much will negatively affect the digestive system.
  • Children under 1 year old, people with kidney disease, constipation, low blood sugar or poor digestive system should avoid using this type of fruit.
  • Diabetics should eat 200g / day to control blood sugar well, divided into 2 times and eat at least 8 hours apart as a snack, next to the main meal.
  • If you do not like to eat pieces, patients can mix it with whole grains in the morning or high-protein foods such as sugar-free Greek yogurt or Cheese to reduce the possibility of high blood sugar.

Note that the resin, seeds, and leaves all contain their own toxicity that can be dangerous to the patient, so they are not allowed to use.

Above is the information we answer can diabetics eat papaya? Hope the article is useful for many patients. In addition to diet, diabetics need to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels, adhere to the treatment guidelines of their doctors and have regular health checkups, to detect dangerous complications, thereby treating disease timely and effective treatment.

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