Interesting Reasons Why Men Should Regularly Eat Bananas

Why should man often eat Bananas?

Banana is a very popular and loved fruit by many people. Not only delicious, but this fruit also provides the body with a lot of nutrition, especially for men. Bananas can provide a number of benefits such as: improved fertility, blood sugar management, improved heart health, etc.

It’s not random that Bananas are at the top of the list of the best fruits for human health. Bananas have a lot of antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals. In addition, it is also a food to increase the content of magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6. The outstanding advantages of Bananas compared to other fruits are undeniable. However, this fruit also has good effects on male sexual health.

According to the National Institute of Nutrition, ripe Bananas are foods that are quickly digested by the body and provide a significant source of energy. Just eat a few ripe Bananas, the body is provided with hundreds of calories, so it is a good source of food for people with heavy physical work, sports athletes who need a lot of glucose in the blood. Here are some amazing benefits of Bananas for men:

1. Good for Reproductive Health

bananas sperm
Bananas can improve sperm quality

According to Dr. Nguyen Tran The Anh, Men’s Health Center for Men, Bananas are starchy, easy to digest, provide abundant energy to help the body recover after working, studying and exercising.

In each Banana contains common nutrients containing: iron 28mg; protein 1.2mg; sodium 1mg; calcium 8mg; potassium 4673mg; vitamin A 44mg; fiber 0.7mg; phosphorus 2.8mg; calories 99mg; grease 0.2mg; carbohydrates 25.8mg; B vitamins: B6-B12, C is 3mg and water 72mg. Banana is a miracle fruit that nature gives to mankind, especially it is very good for men as well as their sex life.

Firstly, Bananas are a rich source of minerals that help relieve fatigue. Bananas are soft, very easily digested by the body, and the sugar contained in Bananas can serve as a good source of energy for those who are exhausted after work or exercise.

Second, Bananas are very nutritious, especially for men’s sexual health. Are you having trouble with sex? You no longer need to worry. Eat this nutritious fruit regularly with your partner and soon the effectiveness of these bananas will be proven.

Third, the benefit of Bananas for men – it’s ability to provide like a lubricant. It can prevent you from getting a muscle cramp that you might experience when you’re being intimate with your partner. The next benefit to mention – is that it improves erectile dysfunction if you just have this symptom. Research has proven in many men with erectile dysfunction caused by anxiety, eating Bananas regularly will improve your male function.

Fourth, Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to prevent oxidation of components in the process of sperm production. Vitamin B is an important co-enzyme in protein metabolism. Bananas also contain tryptophan, an amino acid needed to produce serotonin, known as the love hormone, which enhances male physiology.

Bananas can improve sperm quality. If your sperm quality is bad, you and your wife will have trouble conceiving. Therefore, to improve the quality of your sperm, it is advisable to start with eating this fruit, it will be the first step, a sexual catalyst. The potassium and vitamin B content contained in Bananas helps increase your arousal, while also contributing to increased stamina and longer time together.

The potassium and vitamin B content contained in Bananas helps increase your arousal, while also contributing to increased stamina and longer time together. According to many researchers, the active ingredient in bananas not only increases the excitement of sex, but also shortens the time to return to the “ring” of men. In addition, Bananas also contain a lot of vitamin B, which helps to improve male sperm in both quality and quantity.

Vitamin C is another vitamin that protects joints from damage because it promotes collagen production, which helps keep connective tissues strong and joints moving. In addition, one study also showed that vitamin C is a nutrient that can improve heart function and prevent some coronary problems. One large Banana provides 11.8mg of vitamin C; Men need 90mg of this nutrient per day.

Eating Bananas is also very good for the digestive system of “men” despite the fact that they are less constipated than women. One large Banana has 3.5g of fiber, which can regulate bowel function, preventing both constipation and diarrhea. Men under 50 need 38g of fiber per day, while men over 50 should consume 30g per day. However, if you are prone to constipation, you should avoid eating unripe Bananas because they can block an enzyme that contributes to the metabolism of certain carbohydrates.

2. Good for Heart

bananas heart
Bananas are good for heart

You need to know that if you do not consume enough potassium, the body is prone to cramps, causing muscle pain, especially after physical activities. And more dangerous is that when the body is not provided with enough of these minerals, it will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to Men’s Health. That’s why you should regularly eat foods rich in potassium, including Bananas

According to Medicinenet, Bananas are rich in potassium, which is needed to regulate nerves, heart rate and especially blood pressure. Potassium in Bananas helps reduce the risk of hardening of the arteries, one of the factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease. Each medium Banana has about 400mg of potassium, which is essential for muscle function and nervous system functioning as well as plays a role in maintaining fluid balance in the body. A diet rich in potassium and magnesium (also found in Bananas) may reduce the risk of stroke.

Many studies say that coronary heart disease is more common in men than women, possibly because men are more likely to smoke and drink more alcohol.

The correlation between potassium and sodium is related to blood pressure and the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Sodium is an important component of table salt that has the ability to retain water in the body, causing a burden on the cardiovascular system, while potassium on the contrary works to help the body eliminate sodium. Also, foods rich in potassium and low in sodium have the ability to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. If you eat 2-3 ripe Bananas every day for a few weeks, you can reduce blood pressure by about 10%. Therefore, it can help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

3. Helps Control Diabetes

diabetes and high blood pressure
People with diabetes and high blood pressure are more at risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

According to the CDC, men have a higher risk of diabetes than women, possibly because men store more fat in the stomach area and their lifestyle habits like smoking.

Studies say that Banana consumption can reduce the risk of diabetes. However, the ripeness of bananas is important in controlling diabetes. People with diabetes should consume unripe Bananas as they have a low to moderate glycemic index compared to overripe Bananas.

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4. Helps the Brain Focus, Relieve Stress

green tea benefits
Bananas help boost brain function

Bananas contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which after being absorbed in the body will be converted into serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps maintain mental health, brain flexibility, mental relaxation, and work efficiency.

In addition, Bananas are rich in B vitamins, especially B6 and B12 that help the nervous system work better. Therefore, men should eat a Banana every day to keep mental health, limit stress, stress, especially mental workers.

So enjoy a Banana a day, at your whole grain breakfast or before a workout at the gym. It is extremely good for the health of both men and women.

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