Foods are fried in the Air Fryer Which are Good for Diabetics?

air fryer
The Air Fryer processing dishes reduces the amount of oil intake in the body by 80%

You know people with diabetes should eat dishes cooked by steaming, boiling and limit fried foods, fried … yet?. Why?. Infact, Fried foods contain a large amount of bad fats, bad for the heart, which are very high calorie foods that are easy to gain weight. But if you want to eat fried foods, but limit fat, then using an Air Fryer is the right solution.

For example: Fish is a safe choice for diabetics due to its high nutrient content, but that is when you eat fish steamed, boiled … You should avoid fried fish. Fried chicken contains significant amounts of carbohydrates, calories, sodium, and fat. Instead of enjoying fried chicken, diabetics can choose other cooking methods such as boiled chicken, steamed chicken.

However, the fried dishes do have an irresistible appeal. But if you are diabetics and you like fried foods, Air Fryer will help reduce 80% of the oil in fried foods and it is a good choice.

1. What is an Air Fryer?

air fryer
The Air Fryer processing dishes reduces the amount of oil intake in the body by 80%

An Air Fryer, also known as an Oil-free Fryer, which uses hot air with a high temperature of about 200 degrees C, using a fan to radiate the surface of the food evenly to cook food. However, not much is not used oil which uses very small amounts of about 10% compared to deep frying food. It’s the air, created by the machine’s fan, that keeps the surface of the food being cooked dry, resulting in an extra-crispy exterior and a fluffy (think french fries) or moist (chicken thighs) interior that’s reminiscent of the results of deep-frying Therefore, it is possible to limit the amount of fat and fat loaded into the body and is good for the health, especially people with diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease…

Currently there are many brands of Air Fryers that are popular with many people such as Philips, Cosori, Ninja, Ultrean … The price is also quite cheap, over $100 you have a convenient Air Fryer.

Refer most popular Air Fryer: COSORI 5.8 QT Electric Hot Oven Oilless Cooker LED Touch Digital Screen, Price 107.88$.

2. Air Fryer reduces the amount of oil in fried foods by 80%

air fryer cooks foods by hot air
The Air Fryer cooks foods with hot air up to 200 degrees Celsius

Air Fryer consists of 2 parts, the upper part generates heat and the lower part reflects heat. The upper part consists of a heating resistor or Mayso wire (some pots use halogen lamps to heat such as a Ranee oil-free fryer) and a fan to push the heat away. The lower part is designed  with a drawer that pulls out. Inside the drawer is a removable mesh or perforated metal basket. To use this type of model, you toss your ingredients with a few tablespoons of oil and place them directly into the basket before placing in the pre-heated air fryer. As the food cooks, grease will drip out of the basket into the drawer’s receptacle below.

During operation, the temperature inside the fryer is kept constant between 80 – 250 ° C depending on the setting. Heat goes in two main directions, the first direction is radiated directly from the top, the second direction is pushed by the fan along the side to the bottom of the pot and then backwards. This heat transfer method makes the hot steam in the pot always circulate quite quickly and strongly, when the food is ripe, it is even gold colored, the amount of excess oil and fat in the food is excreted significantly (up to 80%).

3. Some fried foods are good for diabetics

3.1. Grilled salmon with butter and garlic

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids and a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for human health such as reducing the digestive system and cardiovascular pathogens, not increasing blood sugar quickly, reducing the risk. Stroke muscle, develop muscle, enhance brain development, improve eye health.

salad breakfast for diabetics
Salad with lean meat are rich protein and fiber for diabetes

There are many ways to cook salmon, including a method of baking with a delicious air fryer while still ensuring full of nutrients. Try changing the family menu with this wonderful grilled salmon!.


  • 150 – 200gr of fresh salmon.
  • 6 pieces of minced garlic.
  • Asparagus.
  • Unsalted butter.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.
  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice.
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil.

How to do:

Fresh salmon washed, drained and then marinated with salt, pepper, 1 teaspoon lemon juice for 15 minutes.

Pre-heat Fryer, sweep over a layer of oil in the pot so that when the fish is put in, it won’t get the skin. When the pot is hot, fry the fish with asparagus, and bring the skin down to make the fish skin crispy. Fry the fish for about 5 minutes at a temperature of 170°C or until the fish skin tightens and changes color, add butter, minced garlic.

When the garlic is slightly yellow, add fennel and lemon juice. Stir fried fish for 5 minutes and then take out a plate with garlic.

Grate the lemon peel on a piece of fish to fragrant and start enjoying.

3.2. Roasted lean pork

lean pork fried by air fryer
Lean Pork fried in the Air Fryer is good for diabetics

To reduce the feeling of anorexia when faced with boiled, fried, and stewed pork all day, try making crispy golden roast pork for your family. You should use an Air Fryer to limit the amount of oil used and speed up the cooking time. After being processed, the roasted pork dish will still be crispy, fragrant and delicious as the outside of the restaurant while ensuring food hygiene and safety.
After being processed, the roasted pork dish will still be crispy, fragrant and delicious as the outside of the restaurant while ensuring food hygiene and safety.


  • 300g bacon (Remember to choose fresh ingredients, then the crispy grilled meat will be attractive. Choose fresh pink pork, firm texture, thin skin, shiny layer of fat, firmness.
  • Food foil wrap
  • The necessary spices such as: ½ five flavors package, 10ml white wine, 10ml vinegar, garlic, sugar, salt, pepper.

How to do:

Wash the meat clean and dry.

Make marinated spices: Mix the spices including salt, sugar, pepper, five flavors and grated garlic together with white wine (the dose is just enough depending on the taste of each person).

Rub the seasoning mixture evenly over the bacon and avoid the skin, then gently squeeze the meat so that the spices can be absorbed better.

Attention only for a little seasoning.

When you’re done marinating, wrap the meat in aluminum foil (avoid skin).

Before roasting, preheat the oven by turning it on to 200oC and set the timer for 10 – 15 minutes.

Sprinkle a little salt powder on the skin and add to the air fryer tray, then bake at 180oC for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, take out the meat and remove all the salt on the skin and then continue to put in the pot to continue at 200oC for 10 minutes

You should wrap the third part in aluminum foil only when baking with the air fryer, so that when the temperature is high, the fat will flow into the paper, ensuring a cleaner oven.

The cuticle will swell and taste better if you let the meat marinate overnight, and if possible, puncture the skin to make the cuticle bigger and better before roasting.

3.3. Grilled Chicken Breast with Honey

grilled chicken breast
Grilled Chicken Breast is very delicous

Chicken breast is a golden food for gymer or people following the eat clean, diabetes, weight loss diet because it is quite cheap, easy to find and has quite high protein, lean meat and low fat. The abundant protein in chicken breast helps you keep in shape, stay healthy and don’t go hungry fast.


300gr Chicken Breast and garlic, soy sauce, oyster oil, seasoning.

How to do:

Wash the breast of the chicken, cut it along the meat string so that the spices are easily absorbed.

Marinate the washed chicken breast with garlic, soy sauce, oyster oil, seasoning seeds, chili powder, five flavors powder, lemon juice and pure honey. Let the spices infuse for 20 minutes.

Put foil or oil absorbent paper in the tray, place the marinated chicken breast in the fryer, add asparagus or sweet corn if you like and set up the temperature.

You should pre-heat the Fryer 3 minutes at a temperature of 155 degrees, then put the chicken breast in the Air Fryer, then set the temperature to 155 for 10 minutes. Then, you open it, turn the bottom to even color and then increase the heat to 165 in 5 minutes.

3.4. Grilled shrimp with lemon sauce

Shrimp is one of the delicious and nutritious seafood in the eat clean diet and the diabetic diet. Shrimp is also quite easy to process into many delicious dishes and quickly. To make garlic shrimp with lemon sauce in an Air Fryer.

Prepare fresh shrimp, peel shrimp, draw the spine and marinate with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon of garlic, a little salt, pepper, add a little sugar and marinate for 30-50 minutes to infuse spices.

Put foil on the air fryer, let the shrimp evenly on the baking tray, set the temperature to 185 degrees C for 11 minutes, then stop the pot and turn the shrimp over and bake for another 5 minutes.

Ripe shrimp to a plate, squeeze more lemon juice and add a little parsley to smell and serve.

3.5. Pizza

low carb keto pizza
The garlic cheese pizza is perfect for the Keto diet

Pizza is a favorite dish of many people, especially children. And Keto Pizza made from Almond powder, Coconut powder is good for diabetics. Concerned about food safety and hygiene, mothers want to make pizza for their babies at home and choose clean and guaranteed ingredients by themselves. However, many people fear that pizza making must have an oven to be delicious

Do not worried! With just an Air Fryer with a full recipe and ingredients, you can still create great delicious pizza to treat relatives, friends or family members to enjoy.

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