Exercise for Diabetes: 7 excercises rescue you from Diabetes- should try it now!

Exercise for diabetes

For people with diabetes, besides providing adequate nutrients, reasonable diet adjustment, exercise will also bring unexpected benefits. More activity reduces stress while reducing blood sugar levels. Let’s learn with me to find out what exercise for diabetes are effective for patients..

Experts recommend that people with diabetes get 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week. Regular exercise is important and can have many positive effects, so you should not skip it for more than 2 days in a row. Exercise is extremely important to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin, help lower blood sugar and lose weight effectively.

You should perform in parallel between the effective treatment regimen and gentle exercises below.

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7 effective exercises for people with diabetes

1. Walking- Excercise for diabetes are chosen by many people

Gentle walking exercises are exercise for familiar diabetics. Walking fast will help you release energy. When muscles activity will help stimulate the process of transporting glucose from the bloodstream into the cell, while lowering the glycemic index and increasing the body’s flexibility.

To be effective, you should keep walking for about 30~50 minutes per day and 3 times per week which will help improve your health.

walking excercise
Walking is an effective excercise for diabetes

When you have chosen this method, you should prepare a pair of shoes that are comfortable, fit, and exercise with a frequency of 3 days per week. You should do more exercise for other people with diabetes for optimal effect.

2. Yoga – Effective exercise for diabetes helps stabilize blood sugar

The benefits of yoga in the treatment of diabetes have been shown by many studies. Most patients improve mental function significantly when practicing yoga. Yoga also helps reduce body fat and fight insulin resistance in diabetics.

Yoga is also a good “mental medicine” for people with long-term stress of diabetes. Yoga includes exercises that combine the rhythmic movements that impact the flow of the body, increasing flexibility, strength and balance.

excercise control diabetes complications
Yoga- Excercise for diabetes to control Diabetes complications

Yoga is extremely good for people suffering from chronic diseases, including diabetes. They will help you relieve stress, improve nerve functions, thereby improving both physical and mental health.

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3. Tai chi exercise for diabetes

In recent years, tai chi exercises help extend the lifespan and improve the physical and mental health of humans. Some recent studies also suggest that tai chi is an exercise for people with diabetes.

When people with diabetes practice tai chi, they will help to improve the balance and protect the nerves from dangerous nerve complications.

tai chi excercise for diabetes
Tai chi excercise for diabetes will help improve balance for diabetics

This exercise involves slow, gentle movements to help relax the mind. In 2009, a study of 62 women showed that: compared to the normal group, the group participating in Tai Chi had more positive effects on health – controlling blood sugar levels, being fullvitality, energy and mental health also get better.

4. Swimming- Good for diabetics with osteoarthritis complications

Unlike other exercise for people with diabetes, swimming exercises help the whole body be active. This exercise will help diabetics suffer from osteoarthritis complications, because in swimming, the human body will be supported by water, while reducing gravity on the entire joint.

When you go swimming, the muscles will relax and rest, the joints will no longer be under pressure. Therefore, swimming is extremely suitable activity for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes. They help improve cholesterol levels, burn more calories and reduce stress for you.

swim for diabetes
People with diabetes should swim at least 3 times per week

For best results when swimming, people with diabetes should swim at least 3 times a week and each swim about least 10 minutes and increases the amount of time gradually increases according to your body condition. You also remember to eat well, check blood sugar levels and talk with rescuer about your condition before swimming.

5. Dancing

Dancing is good for your body and also helps to improve memory because when practicing will often need to remember many movements. That is why dancing happily and gently is good for diabetics.

dancing excercise
Dancing is a good excercise for diabetes

Just dancing to help you lose weight effectively, helps people stay flexible, as well as control blood sugar and reduce stress. People who have limited exercise can also practice gentle dance. Everyone can practice this exercise. According to statistics, an adult weigh 68kg will burn 150 calories within 30 minutes of excercise.

6. Gym- Exercise helps energy drain the fastest

Gym is also good excercise for diabetes. Exercising with high intensity will make your body’s muscle mass increase significantly. Therefore, gym is very beneficial for patients with diabetes because when the muscle mass is equivalent to the need for energy which will be higher than normal people who do not work out.

gym excercise for diabetes
The gym will help you hypoglycemia quickly and effectively.

However, patients with diabetes should not exercise without professional coaches. You should not try to practice continuously but practice alternating 1 day and take a day off to give muscles time to recover.

7. Cycling

This cycling sport is quite suitable for cardiovascular patients. You only need a bicycle to easily do that exercise. If you do not want to be affected by bad weather and you have the conditions, you should prepare a fixed bike to exercise at home.

cycling effective excercise
Cycling is an effective exercise for diabetes

When cycling, you will increase blood flow to your feet, protect your feet from the negative effects of diabetes. This amazing benefit is unlikely to be possible with any medicine.

People with diabetes pay attention to safe exercise

safe excercise for diabetes
Note to safe excercise for diabetes

You should consult with your doctor before participating in any diabetes exercise to ensure safety and fitness for the disease. If you choose exercise that requires long-term activity, you should do it slowly before letting your body adjust to it gradually.

Check your blood sugar before and after exercise until you know how your body is responding to the exercises.

Both patients with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes must make sure their blood sugar is lower than 250mg / dl before excercise. For type 1 diabetes, exercising when blood sugar levels are higher than 250mg / dl can be at risk of ketoacidosis – impaired insulin levels and can be life-threatening.

– Warm up 5 minutes before excercise and after completing, take 5 more minutes to relax your body.

Drink enough water before, during and after the workout to avoid dehydration.

– Bring a health monitoring device to prevent emergencies, emergency services can apply appropriate and timely treatments for you.

Exercise should not be effective for diabetics in very hot or cold temperatures.

Whatever exercise you choose for any of the above, you should be persistent. Check your blood sugar regularly to measure exercise performance.

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