Eating Guava in the Wrong Way Increases Blood Sugar: Unpredictable Danger


Guava is known as a healing fruit for Diabetics. Many people with diabetes use Guava because they think this is a simple measure to lower blood sugar without knowing that eating them the wrong way is the fastest way for Diabetics to “reduce” their lifespan.

Guava is a very healthy fruit, especially for people with diabetes. However, this fruit only really works when people with diabetes know how to eat properly?.

It is a fairly high Glycemic Index fruit, can people with diabetes eat?. Should Diabetics eat Guava regularly, is it good for Diabetics?. The effects of them on diabetes like?. We will be clarified in the article below.

diabetics can choose guava blood sugar controlling
Diabetics can choose to eat Guava for Blood sugar controlling

1. How to eat Guava is the Wrong Way?

Ms. Jamie Yang in Texas always practices eating scientifically, practicing according to books, taking medicine according to doctor’s orders, but her blood sugar still rises. Being told to drink Guava juice daily by many people will have the effect of lowering blood sugar, she diligently performs. When her blood sugar rose to 14 point, she was hospitalized, her whole family knew that the main reason was because she ate Guava the wrong way.

According to nutritionist: Lisa – American Society for Nutrition ASN. “Guava has a high Glycemic Index: GI = 78. Therefore, eating it the wrong way will cause blood sugar to rise. If the blood sugar is high and prolonged, the patient will be at risk of facing dangerous complications such as blindness, kidney failure, limb necrosis, and even death.

Some of the most common ways to eat wrong Guava are:

– Use juice to drink every day.

– Eat it near before or after the main meal.

– Eating it is not limited in quantity.

2. Why is Guava still Beneficial for Diabetics?

Bowden _ a nutritionist, said: In the diet for Diabetics, not only pay attention to the Glycemic Index (GI) of food but also pay attention to the Glycemic Load (GL) index of food. Diabetics can consume foods with a high GI as long as the GL of the food is low. Guava has GI = 78, but the Glycemic Load in 100g is quite low, accounting for 4/40, so people with diabetes can eat this fruit.

And Lisa – affirmed: “Guava has a high content of soluble and insoluble fiber, in 100g has up to 6g of fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol, slow down sugar absorption after eating. In addition, the high concentration of lycopene, vitamin C, beta carotene and potassium … is very helpful in enhancing the function of the immune system, reducing the risk of complications from infection, anti-oxidation, and protection. Neurons, blood vessels from damage from free radicals – the main cause of diabetes complications.

And So what is the main reason for you to eat them?.

2.1. The nutritional value of Guava

It is one of the most nutritious fruits and has many health benefits. Here is the nutritional content in 100g:

There are 3 main types of sugars: Fructose (about 59%), Glucose (about 36%) and Saccarose (about 5%) – According to the US Department of Agriculture ( Therefore, it has a natural sweet taste, which is favored by many people.

It can be seen that, in addition to providing energy, it also adds many essential nutrients for the body (fiber, protein, calcium, vitamins …). In which, the proportion of sugar accounts for 10% (10g / 100g Guava). The effects of them on diabetes can help people to lower blood sugar safely:

Reduce insulin resistance in patients

According to scientists, inhibitory activity of the protein enzyme tyrosine phosphatase 1B extracted from Guava has a positive effect in the treatment of people with type 2 diabetes. Additionally, Guava or its leaf extracts may decrease insulin resistance in Diabetics.

– The rich source of fiber helps prevent high blood sugar after eating

Fiber plays a role in preventing blood sugar from rising after eating, and reducing cholesterol absorption. It is a relatively high source of fiber, with up to 6g of fiber for every 100g of Guava, so Diabetics can choose to eat it to control blood sugar.

Thus, answer the question: “Can people with diabetes eat Guava?”, “Is eating it good for diabetes?”. That is “The patient can eat them”, the effect of them on diabetes tends to be positive. However, patients need to pay attention to eating them properly to bring effect to diabetes.

However, when suffering from diabetes, patients need to consider carefully before eating sweet foods, including fruits, to avoid the disease progression, causing dangerous complications. Therefore, eating Guava with diabetes has not become a concern for quite a few people.

whole guava
People with diabetes should eat whole Guava

3. Effects of Guava on Diabetes

According to traditional medicine, Guava has warm properties, sweet and sour taste, has the use of cystic condition (good for digestion), used in treating intestinal diseases and improving diabetes. It brings many positive effects for Diabetics, helping to support effective treatment, avoiding disease progression:

Provides energy and nutrients to the body

Diabetics often lack energy and are often hungry because they may not store sugar. Eating this fruit helps to supplement energy and nutrients without increasing blood sugar, and is safe for patients.

Water and electrolyte supply

Diabetes causes symptoms of excessive urination (due to high sugar in the urine, resulting in a lot of water discharge), leading to dehydration and electrolyte loss. Eating a lot of Guava partly helps to compensate for that lost amount.

Improve immune system

The abundant vitamin C content, along with nutrients and minerals, helps patients increase their resistance and effectively prevent complications of diabetic infections.

Slow down the absorption of sugar

In 100g Guava contains 3-6g of fiber, which prevents the absorption of sugar, reduces blood sugar after eating. In addition, fiber also reduces triglycerides, reduces LDL, increases HDL, avoids atherosclerosis complications leading to dangerous cardiovascular diseases for Diabetics.

Weight loss

It is a good food that you can choose from on a weight loss menu. Each Guava provides 12% of the recommended daily intake of fiber and contains only about 37 calories. Therefore, eating them help to consume fiber, helps to stay full for a long time and not to absorb calories too much.

Unlike other low-calorie snacks, it also contains many vitamins and minerals, so you can still absorb many essential vitamins and minerals.

Anti-oxidant, protect blood vessels

The two components carotenoid and pholypheol are small but have antioxidant effects, helping to prevent the vessel wall from being attacked by free radicals. Thanks to that, eating Guava is one of the simple and effective ways to prevent blood vessel complications caused by diabetes.

Prevent Cancer

This type of fruit is rich in vitamin A, potassium, copper, manganese, folate, vitamin C and fiber. As a fruit that contains low saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, eating them is good for the heart. Research on animals shows that the strong antioxidants in Guava can prevent free radicals from causing cell damage. This is one of the causes of cancer. Its extract on human cancer cells is still under study. However, it can be said that this is a new hope in cancer treatment and prevention.

Thus, it is not only safe and nutritious but also offers many benefits and effective diabetes treatment support that patients should use.

4. How do Diabetics eat Guava right way?

Although Diabetics can eat Guava, if eaten incorrectly can cause blood sugar to rise. This seriously affects the health of Diabetics. So how to eat in the right way?.

Guava peel should be peeled

The tannin in the its peel is an antioxidant but can also cause constipation. So, people with diabetes should peel the Guava fruit before eating. People suffering from constipation should not eat green Guava and its seeds because they are prone to constipation.

Do not drink Guava juice

Guava juice can cause an increase in blood sugar. The position of Diabetics should not use juice. Using whole fruit helps patients take full advantage of the amount of fiber, helping to balance sugar and cholesterol in the blood. This is very beneficial for the Diabetic condition.

Guava should not be eaten too much

Diabetes should eat in moderation, each time should only eat 140g ripe Guava (equivalent to 2 small slices). Can eat 2 times a day at snacks. Do not eat immediately after a main meal. Each meal should be spaced at least 6 hours apart.

In addition eating Guava, Diabetics should choose for themselves a reasonable, varied diet between the groups of substances: protein 15% -20%, powdered sugar 50% -55%, fat <25%, vitamins and fiber. At the same time, other supplements should be used to maintain and stabilize blood sugar at safe levels.

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