Diabetics should know: Vegetables list that adversely affect blood sugar control

bad vegetables list
Diabetics should not eat which vegetables are?

Vegetables are often very healthy because they provide fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, for people with diabetes, there are vegetables list that should be avoided in the daily menu to ensure that the blood sugar level does not rise. Learn more the article below to get more knowledge about the nutritional menu for diabetics.

What Vegetables list should people with diabetes avoid?

1. Potato

First mention is potatoes, potatoes with high starch content, sweet and fat. Because potatoes have a high glycemic index, diabetics should limit the use of potatoes in their daily diet to avoid unexpected hyperglycemia.

Potatoes- vegetables list have a high glycemic index, people with diabetes should be limited

2. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes – vegetables list are also good for human health, sweet potatoes help prevent constipation, help you remember for a long time. Sweet potatoes contain very high levels of glucose, which are mostly composed of carbohydrates mostly from carbs, followed by fiber. Which can increase the glycemic index.

Although sweet potatoes are a favorite snack for many people, some people also use sweet potatoes instead of breakfast. However, with high sugar and high energy, this is also a food that people with diabetes should avoid or Diabetics can eat from 200 to 400 grams of sweet potatoes per day.

diabetics vegetables list should be limited
Diabetics should be limited sweet potatoes

3. Corn

Corn- one of vegetables list is often sweet, starchy and high in fiber often used as a snack. However, for people with diabetes, there are type of carbohydrate that can quickly raise blood sugar.

Corn has a GI of 69, which is a bit high (the average is 56-69). GI – Glycaemic Index – an index that reflects the rate of increase in blood sugar after eating foods high in carbohydrates, of course, the lower the better.

vegetables list diabetics limit corn
Diabetics should limit eating corn due to high carb

They should limit eating corn because it can cause uncontrolled fluctuations in the glycemic index. If you only eat corn, blood sugar easily increases. It needs to be eaten with meals, along with other high-fiber and protein foods. According to the American Diabetes Association, Diabetics should eat 1/2 cup of cooked corn or  1/2 boiled corn containing 15 grams of carbohydrate for each meal.

4. Yams and Taro

Yams and Taro are starchy tubers that grow underground, not good for the blood sugar of patients. Which are classified as a high sugar and starchy food, with a glycemic index (GI) of 58 – when it is cooked just right (if simmered, the glycemic index will rise higher).

yams and taro vegatables list raise blood sugar
Yams and Taro, these are vegetables list that raises blood sugar.

For people with diabetes, these are food vegetables list that raises blood sugar. Taro contains high starch, so when eaten, the body easily converts into glucose, increases blood sugar and makes the condition more serious.

These vegetables list above which Diabetics should be limited or avoid to stabilize blood glucose.

Note that When you eat foods, always remember the principle of eating vegetables and drinking broth first, followed by rice and food. This diet will help fill the stomach, reduce appetite. At the same time, the soluble fiber in vegetables will help slow down the absorption of sugar after eating.

Anyway, the most vegetables are good for healthy diabetics, you can learn more top healthest Vegetables and Fruits which are good for stabilizing blood sugar and should be eaten everyday.

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