5 very Effective Drinks to Prevent Kidney Stones, You should Use every Day

drinks prevent kidney stones
Top 5 Drinks help prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones cause pain for you, affecting Kidney function, but you can completely prevent Kidney Stones by drinking lots of water and some very good drinks. Drinks such as Lemonade and Olive Oil, Lemonade and Honey, Pomegranate juice, Celery, Corn Silk Tea, Black Bean Juice… all work to help prevent Kidney Stones.

Kidney Stones are the most common urinary tract disease. It is formed due to unscientific eating habits and drinking less water daily. Kidney Stones are quite diverse manifestations, from the situation causing hydronephrosis silently without symptoms, abdominal colic to the emergency room.

Kidney Stones are formed due to the crystallization of excess substances in the urine such as calcium, phosphorus, oxalate, uric acid, etc. The urinary tract does not have the function to remove solid wastes, so stones are often stuck in the kidneys, ureter or bladder. The stone rubs against the mucosa causing pain and bleeding. To proactively prevent and improve Kidney Stones, you should change your diet and habits.

However, for mild Kidney Stones, there are home remedies that can help prevent and even treat kidney stones, the most effective being the following drinks:

What to Drink to Prevent Kidney Stones?

Drinking less water is one of the main causes of kidney stones. At this time, urine is not excreted regularly, causing residues, toxins and some minerals to be deposited to form on the stone. Each individual can have one or more different stones, they are of different sizes depending on the duration of the disease.

To reduce the size of the stone and improve the functioning of the kidney:

1. Drinking Filtered Water

water healthy drinks
Drink Water every day to prevent Kidney Stons

Filtered water is one of the best choices for people with Kidney Stones. Medicine has shown that the human body is made up of 80% water. Almost every activity in the body involves water. Fluid also influences kidney function.

Drinking plenty of water helps dilute and flush these substances out of the kidneys and urinary tract, so minerals and salts don’t accumulate and form stones.

Kiersten Craig, a urologist at Weil Cornell Medicine (USA), said: The average person should drink at least 2 liters of water, if you have kidney stones, you should drink about 3 liters of water a day. If you exercise a lot or live in a hot climate, you need to drink more water.

People with Kidney Stones should add filtered water properly? This is a very important issue you should learn because improperly drinking water not only does not bring health benefits, but also increases the burden on the Kidneys, making the function of this organ impaired.

Here are some rules to follow when drinking Filtered Water:

  • Adults should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
  • Do not drink water near a meal or while eating as it affects digestion.
  • Drink water regularly several times a day even when you are not thirsty.
  • Only drink the right amount at a time. Drinking too much water at once will make the Kidneys work harder to get rid of the excess water.
  • Avoid drinking a lot of water in the evening before going to bed, it will cause frequent urination at night, disrupting sleep.
  • Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning helps to purify the body, clean the intestines, and eliminate toxins accumulated in the kidneys.
  • Boil water before drinking to ensure health safety.

To know if the body is sufficiently hydrated, you can rely on the color of your urine. When well-hydrated, urine is usually light yellow and clear. On the contrary, lack of water makes the urine dark and cloudy.

2. Drinking Lemonade with Olive Oil

lemon juice
Drinking Lemonade every day that helps to effectively prevent Kidney Stones

Both Lemon and Olive Oil are good foods for people with Kidney Stones. They are rich in vitamins E, C and antioxidants that help purify the body and eliminate toxins for the Kidneys.

In addition, fresh Lemons also add more citric acid. This substance when entering the body has the ability to bind and push calcium molecules in the stone out. So that Kidney Stones will be worn down, shrinking in size over time, making it easier for the body to excrete it through the urinary tract.

Olive Oil contains substances capable of stimulating the secretion of bile, aiding digestion, and enhancing the metabolism of nutrients in the body. The combination of lemon and olive oil improves the functioning of internal organs, including the liver, kidneys and digestive tract.

Additionally, you can drink a warm glass of Lemonade with Honey in the morning every day, also very good to prevent Kidney Stones.

A small 2017 study, published in the Journal of Urology, found that drinking 2 liters of water with 120ml of lemonade per day reduced the rate of kidney stone formation by 87% per year, according to Insider

How to use: Take the 1 cup of Lemonade mixed with about 2 teaspoons of Olive Oil, mix well and eat before breakfast. Then you can drink 1 cup of warm water or 1 cup of warm diluted Lemonade. Note only drink in the morning, should not be used in the afternoon and evening.

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3. Corn Silk Tea

corn silk tea kidney stones
Corn Silk Tea has many benefits for Kidney function

Corn Silk Tea is considered a lifesaver for new cases of Kidney Stones, the size of the stone is not large. According to traditional medicine, Corn Silk is a great diuretic remedy, helping to purify and detoxify the body, against painful urination, and frequent urination.

Using this type of water can help increase urine flow by 3-5 times. This can stimulate you to urinate more, help clear waste and bacteria residing in the kidneys and bladder, and with luck, can push stones out during urination.

Corn Silk Tea also provides the body with extremely rich levels of vitamins A, B, C, K, fiber, potassium and calcium. They help treat internal heat, liver cooling , eliminate excess uric acid from the body, prevent and support the treatment of gout, Kidney Stones in people with increased uric acid in the blood.

How to make corn silk tea for people with Kidney Stones:

Preparation: 100g of Corn Silk, it is recommended to use an old, golden beard.

  • Wash the Corn Silk through a few times with water to remove impurities.
  • Boil 1 liter of water, then add the Corn Silk and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.
  • Let cool, drink several times a day as an alternative to tea.
  • People with Kidney Stones should drink Corn Silk Tea about 1 hour before meals.

4. If You Have Kidney Stones, You should Drink Celery Juice

celery juice snacks for diabetics
Celery juice is rich vitamin A, B, C, K…and good for Kidney function

Celery Juice has a pungent and slightly bitter taste, so it is a bit difficult to drink. However, this is a great drink for people with Kidney Stones.

With a high content of minerals including sodium and potassium, Celery Juice has a diuretic effect, erodes and shrinks stones, eliminates toxins and sediments deposited in the kidneys, helps this organ work effectively.

In particular, the active ingredient Poly-acetylene found in Celery Juice also acts as a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. It helps prevent infections in the Kidneys and urinary tract – common complications caused by Kidney Stones.

Every day, drinking 1-2 glasses of Celery Juice is also a simple way to improve digestive function and nutrient absorption, fight flatulence, support weight loss, fight hypertension, increase urinary excretion to push the stone out, and give you a healthier body.

How to make Celery Juice:

Preparation: 500g celery, 1 fresh lemon, 1 teaspoon pure honey.

  • Cut the lemon in half, squeeze the juice.
  • Celery is washed with salt water, cut into pieces, put in a good blender and pureed with 1 glass of filtered water,
  • Squeeze the juice poured out glasses.
  • Add lemon juice and honey and stir well.
  • Drink directly or add a few ice cubes to drink.

Do not use Celery Juice for cases of Kidney Stones with the following problems:

  • Low blood pressure;
  • Body weakness;
  • First 3 months of pregnancy.

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5. Roasted Black Bean Water


black bean water treat kidney stones
Black Bean water treat Kidney Stones

This Bean is often used mainly to treat Kidney Stones. Black Beans are foods rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. It plays an important role in the purification of toxins in the blood. Boil Black Beans in water until soft and eat them daily. Black Bean water helps to relieve the pain of Kidney stones quite effectively.

Roasted Black Beans drink is the secret to purify and cool the body, prevent cancer and many other diseases. In addition, drinking roasted Black Bean water is also a skincare method, it has weight-loss and beauty effect for women. With low cost, easy-to-find ingredients and  effortless to make, this is great choice for children and families.

How to make Black Bean Water:

Preparation: 200 gr Back Bean, 5 gr Pineapple leaves, 50 gr Sugar candy, 1 liter Water

  • Wash the Beans, remove spoiled beans then drain them.
  • Roast Black Beans with low heat for 10-15 minutes, until the beans are fragrant. Let the beans cool down, put them into a glass jar, store in a cool and dry place to use over time.
  • Put 1 liter of water in a pot with 100 gr of Beans then boil for 10 minutes. 
  • Roasted black bean drink has a moderate sweetness (it’s the best without sugar). Pour the juice into a glass to enjoy. Hot or cold, this juice is still delicious.

Some health problems can increase the risk of Kidney Stone disease such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, infections of urinary tract, obesity, … If you encounter problems, please actively discuss with your doctor to reduce the risk of stone formation. Regularly drink 5 drinks on for the prevention and treatment of Kidney Stones effectively.

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