4 Best Time of Day to Drink Water for Health and Full of Energy

drink water
Let's remember to drink water everyday

Drinking water in the right way at the right time is the most natural and effective way to detox the body. So when is the best time of day to drink it?.

According to India Times, scientists recommend drinking water equivalent to 12-15 glasses a day, including water, tea, milk and soups.

According to Indian nutritionist Nupur Krishnan, lifestyle plays an important role in determining how much water to consume.

“If you have a sedentary lifestyle and work in an air-conditioned environment all day, without the conditions for water to escape through sweat glands, then only drink at most 2 liters of water. If you drink a lot, it will accumulate in the kidneys and cause edema. As for people who are physically active, drinking 3 liters of water a day will ensure health,” said Krishman.

water healthy drinks
Water is one of healthy drinks for diabetes. People with diabetes should drink lots of water every day

1. Why Do You Need to Drink Water Every day?

Water makes up 70% of your body weight. It plays an important role in regulating activities of the body, from brain function to physical performance to digestion. Therefore, making sure to add the necessary amount of water to the body properly is indispensable if you want to maintain your health and flexibility.

Drinking right and enough water every day will help your body reduce fatigue, clear your mind, reduce constipation, prevent urinary tract stones, improve blood flow, keep skin moist, smooth skin, etc.

In addition, it also provides a source of minerals for the body. The water that we use every day often contains a significant amount of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc. The ratio of these minerals depends on the water source and the water manufacturers. It has a very good effect on human health if we understand the role of water and use it scientifically.

According to Doctor Truong Hong Son, Director of the Institute of Applied Medicine, there are 4 best times of the day to drink water, helping to promote all its health benefits that many people do not know.

2. Best Time of Day to Drink Water

2.1. Drink a Glass of Warm Water in the Morning after Waking Up

After a long night of sleep, the body has lost a lot of water. Providing water to the body as soon as you wake up will help compensate for the lost water, “wake up” the organs in the body, and help excrete, detoxify naturally and increase blood circulation effectively.

Building the habit of drinking a glass of warm water in the morning, after waking up not only helps to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body, but also has the ability to improve blood circulation, support blood circulation in the body, promotes healthy skin and relaxes muscles.

Moreover, when the stomach is empty in the morning, drinking a glass of warm water will help stimulate the digestive system to work more gently and actively, reducing symptoms of bloating, indigestion, constipation…

When the digestive system is healthy, the metabolism and absorption of nutrients are also improved, strengthening the immune system and the body’s health.

In addition, drinking a glass of warm water in the morning after waking up will help remove toxins in the body and dilute the amount of acid on an empty stomach, reducing the risk of kidney stone formation and bladder infections.

You can add flavors like Lemon, Honey and Cinnamon to your glass of water for an extra boost of health.

2.2. Drink a Glass of Water Half an Hour Before a Meal

water important role
Water plays an important role in our life

Half an hour before meals, drinking a glass of water will be good for digestion, stimulate appetite and help the digestive system work more smoothly. Providing a moderate amount of water before meals can also “wake up” the digestive organs in the body, helping the body absorb nutrients well.

Drinking water half an hour before meals does not dilute gastric juices, affecting digestion, but also stimulates appetite. In addition, It also helps regulate the body’s mineral salt concentration, reducing the amount of salt after a meal of the body.

If you want to lose weight, drink water before meals. It will help “trick” your stomach, making your stomach feel full, so that when you eat the main meal, you don’t feel hungry.

2.3. Drink a Glass of Water Before Taking a Shower

You may not know that drinking water before taking a bath is good for your health. Drink a glass of water before taking a bath to help control blood pressure. Moreover, when bathing, the body will be dehydrated because when bathing, your body is colder, so it will have to mobilize energy to balance body temperature.

Because of that temperature balance process, the body needs water to cool down internally. So drinking a glass of water before taking a shower will help replace the amount of water lost in the shower and also help moisturize the skin.

If you drink a glass of water before taking a bath, then your body will feel very comfortable.

2.4. Drink a Glass of Warm Water at Night about One Hour Before Going to Bed

During sleep, people do not need as much water as during the day, so a glass of water about 200-250ml can help the body compensate for the amount of water lost during sleep.

Because when the body lacks water will increase the risk of cramps while sleeping. Especially people with cardiovascular disease, lack of water also increases the risk of stroke and heart. Therefore, drinking a glass of water about one hour before going to bed will be better for health, help maintain the functioning of organs in the body, and prevent cramps, heart attacks, and strokes.

For normal healthy people, it is best to drink a glass of warm filtered water before going to bed. Because warm water will help restore energy, hormones, muscles and joints in the body, helping the body to relax completely, sleep better and deeper.

In addition to the 4 best times to drink water during the day mentioned above, adults need to drink water regularly, including when they are not thirsty to compensate for the process of excretion, dehydration and ensure a balance for the functioning of the body, regulate body temperature and improve cardiovascular function.

The amount of water to drink per day is about 2 – 2.5 liters of water (about 8 – 12 glasses of water), including water found in foods.

3. 3 Times You Need to Avoid Drinking Water

avoid drink water
When do You Need to Avoid Drinking Water?

Beside 4 best times to drink water above, you can drink more water at any time you want to ensure that you get the necessary amount of water for your body. However, you should avoid the following 3 times:

  • Do not drink much water before going to bed: because you will have to urinate, the excretory system will have to work hard and you will not sleep well. Should limit drinking water after 18 hours and if drinking, drink 45 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed.
  • During meals: You can drink water before and after meals, but absolutely should not drink while eating. Drinking water while eating makes you feel full faster, food is easier to swallow. However, because it is not chewed properly, the stomach will have to work harder. Besides, drinking water with meals also easily leads to bloating, indigestion, interferes with nutrient absorption and facilitates fat accumulation in the body.
  • After vigorous exercise: When exercising vigorously, the body will lose a lot of water because of sweat through the skin. Therefore, after a vigorous exercise, you may feel very thirsty. However, at this time, you should not drink water because it will easily dilute the sodium concentration in the blood, causing sodium deficiency, hyponatremia, more severe can cause nausea, vomiting, pale face, heart rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing… even death.

Providing the right amount of water that the body needs every day and drinking it at the right times will give you an abundant source of health, always full of energy for all daily activities.

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