12 Reasons You Easily Gain Weight Back after Losing Weight


After successfully losing weight, what everyone is worried about gain weight back. Despite trying to lose weight to regain a slim figure, for some reason, after a while, the weight needle still “inched up” slowly and this is the reason!. What you to do to keep the weight, the shape that after a hard time losing weight can only be achieved?. 

You keep wondering why you have abstained from everything, exercised a lot but still can’t lose weight. Is there another cause of weight gain that you do not know?.

It is a fact that your body has a defense mechanism against weight loss, according to Bruce Y. Lee, director of the Global Center against Obesity (John Hopkins University). The reason is because when you lose weight, your body perceives this as life threatening. And to protect you, your body will slow down your metabolism to prevent weight loss.

weight gain
Why is it easy to gain weight back after successful weight loss?

When it comes to maintaining weight after weight loss, there are a number of factors that are difficult to control such as age, gender, and genetics. But you can control your health behaviors like food choices, exercise frequency, walking, and movement throughout the day. And here are a few reasons why you gain weight back after successful weight loss:

1. The Unexpected Reason Why You Gain Weight Back

1.1. Diet and exercise regime inappropriate

You should eat the full food group in a reasonable amount

Some diets, especially those that restrict certain food groups entirely, are simply unsustainable in the long run (not to mention, they’re often unhealthy). As soon as you restrict a food group, your body will generate cravings. And that will quickly end your diet.

In addition, fasting or skipping meals will help lose weight and not gain weight back is also a misconception. The habit of skipping meals is the cause of slowing down the metabolism, affecting the hormone leptin – the hormone that regulates the body’s appetite. When leptin levels are low, the brain mistakenly thinks that the body is hungry and from there will produce cravings.

In addition, an inappropriate exercise regimen also leads to weight gain. Imagine you’re training hard seven days a week, you lose weight very quickly, and then you either don’t exercise anymore or exercise very little. An extreme diet and exercise regimen is simply an unsustainable way to lose weight. Therefore, you need to build yourself healthy habits and lose weight in a more sustainable way.

1.2. You are not eating enough fiber and protein

If you skip fiber and protein, that could be the reason you’re gaining weight back. Fiber helps control your appetite and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Increase your intake of legumes, beans, and vegetables to get enough fiber. Eating 14 grams of fiber a day can reduce your calorie intake by up to 10%. In addition, a lack of protein can also cause you to gain weight.

1.3. Are you eating too much salt?

“Consuming sodium causes your body to retain water,” says Cheskin, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Weight Management, USA. So if you eat a lot of salty foods for several days in a row, you can suddenly gain weight.”

Restaurant food and especially fast food tend to be high in sodium. So, if you’ve been eating fast food or eating out at restaurants lately, that could be the cause of your sudden weight gain.

1.4. You eat a lot of carbohydrates

If you switch from an extremely low-carb diet to one that’s higher in whole grains and carbs, you’ll immediately notice a difference.

That’s because carbs are stored in your muscles and liver as glycogen. Each gram of glycogen contains about 3 grams of water, which means that a plate of pasta will store extra water in your tissues, which will cause your weight to increase.

low carb diets for diabetics
Low carb- Effective diets for diabetics and weight loss

1.5. You’ve been following a Strict Diet

Strict diets make you thin, but then gain the weight back. What happened?, when dieting to lose weight but then eat back to the things you like. According to Professor Jean-Philippe Zermati-Nutritionist, during the diet, you have broken old habits but that is just a “trap”!. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the diet according to the actual needs of each person.

1.6. You have an endocrine disorder?

According to the Institute of Health, US, about one in five adults have an underactive thyroid, also known as hypothyroidism. While the condition is much more common in women, Cheskin says many men have hypothyroidism, which can cause sudden weight gain.

While less typical, some other hormone disorders, specifically Cushing’s disease, can also cause weight gain. If you have one of these endocrine disorders, weight gain may not be your only symptom.

According to the Mayo Clinic, fatigue, weakness, headaches, problem thinking, depression or irritability are all signs of these hormone disturbances.

1.7. Not building muscle

Do you know why people who lose weight like to go to the gym? Besides burning fat quickly, exercise also helps increase the amount of muscle in the body. Because muscles are active muscle tissue, even when you’re resting, they’re still burning energy.

But people often forget to exercise after successfully losing weight, leading to a loss of muscle and this can cause you to gain weight again. Therefore, training to increase the amount of muscle in the body is one of the ways to increase metabolism and burn more energy. Instead of just focusing on cardio, add muscle building exercises to keep the weight from gaining.

1.8. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep significantly affects your weight. In fact, an analysis of 28 different studies published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who slept an average of 3 to 5.5 hours a day ate 385 more calories the next day.

While those who sleep from 7 to 12 hours a day often eat much less. That’s because when you sleep less, hunger hormones increased. “Your ghrelin is already high due to weight loss, so it gets even higher if you don’t get enough sleep,” says Dr. Scinta. This will make you want to eat more.

1.9. You get too many calories from drinks

women drink soda
Uncontrolled drinking fresh water is also the reason why you gain weight back

Drinking soft drinks, juices, and other beverages can cause you to gain weight back. Our brains don’t calculate calories from drinks. This means that you will still eat the food afterwards and contribute to increasing your body fat.

1.10. You’re stuck on a Yo-Yo diet

The phenomenon of weight gain after dieting to lose weight is called the yoyo effect. Even weight can increase higher than before entering the weight loss journey. One of the most common causes of the yoyo effect is that the diet is too strict, making the body always feel hungry, as well as disturbing the feeling of fullness – hunger, so when the diet is over, it can fall into a state of compensating, overeating.

To limit this situation, you should form and maintain healthy eating habits, limit sweets, and be active instead of applying strict diets that make your body tired and lacking in nutrients.

1.11. You suffer from stress and depression

stress weight gain
Stress is also a cause of weight gain

One of the causes of weight gain can be psychological factors. It is inevitable to eat a lot to relieve loneliness, sadness… Food is an effective and easy way to reduce stress. Eat as a way to stop thinking, to hide worries and sorrows! So in life, facing difficult and complicated problems, it is necessary to determine what is the cause, in addition to participating in sports activities, yoga, walking, dancing …

1.12. You are taking medication

“There are many medications that can cause weight gain,” says W. Scott Butsch, director of obesity medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, USA. In fact, the drug can cause up to 15% of cases of obesity.”

Butsch explains, antidepressants (including SSRIs) and heart medications are two common culprits. But prescribed sleep aids, pain relievers and even some allergy-blocking antihistamines can cause “weight gain,” he says.

Cheskin adds that steroids and testosterone-boosting drugs or supplements are also added to that list. These drugs act on your hormones, which can certainly promote sudden weight gain.

2. Weight Loss Rules to Not Gain Weight Back

What to do to keep the weight, the shape that after a hard time losing weight can only be achieved?. Please refer to the weight loss rules to not gain weight back below to help you.
What are the golden rules in weight loss fitness?
How to lose weight fast and effective?
What principles help you lose weight successfully?

2.1. Energy consumed must be greater than energy intake

low calorie foods top list
Go for a list of low calorie foods that are great for weight loss

To lose weight, energy expenditure must be greater than energy intake by about 500-1000 calories per day. To consume that energy, you must apply a reasonable diet, combine walking for more than 2.5 hours/day, or cycling, doing aerobics, swimming for about 1.5 hours/day…

2.2. Prevent excess fat accumulation

In order not to become fat again, the body needs to create conditions that prevent excess fat from accumulating. You should exercise regularly and limit eating a lot of fat to help prevent excess fat from accumulating in the body.

2.3. Maintain energy balance

Once you have reached a reasonable weight, in order not to get fat again, you must continue to maintain the energy balance. At this time, the energy expended must be approximately the energy consumed.

On average, a person’s daily energy intake is about 1,800 – 2,000 calories, then you just need to regularly walk, or do housework for 60 minutes, or swim, play tennis for about 35 minutes/day, you can can ensure a balanced energy consumption and not worry about getting fat. If you eat more or exercise less, of course the fat return is inevitable. Remember the weight loss rules to not gain weight back.
Those are the principles you need to remember to lose weight effectively.

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