What is a Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels for Gestational Diabetes?

dangerous blood sugar levels
What is a Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels for mother and fetus

Gestational diabetes can cause dangerous complications for both mother and fetus. Therefore, pregnant women need to know the dangerous blood sugar levels threshold to take measures to prevent and treat appropriately, to avoid unfortunate consequences that may occur. How much glycemic index is dangerous for pregnant women?.

Pregnant women with diabetes of pregnancy can increase the rate of miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, hypertension in pregnancy, multiple amniotic fluid, urinary infections, pyelonephritis, caesarean section. In the long term, pregnant women with diabetes have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and related complications, especially cardiovascular complications.

Gestational diabetes affects the fetal development mainly in the first trimester and the third trimester. During the first 3 months, baby may not develop, spontaneous abortion, birth defects, these changes usually occur in the 6th to 7th week of pregnancy. In the middle 3 months, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy, there is an increase in insulin secretion of the fetus, causing the fetus to overgrowth (Learn more studies of US National Institutes of Health at here).

1. What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a disorder of glucose tolerance that occurs in pregnant women. The disease is diagnosed in the third or third trimester of pregnancy. Gestational diabetes usually resolves on its own after giving birth, but if the patient still does not recover within 6 weeks after birth, then it will be diagnosed as clinical diabetes.

pregnance woman has diabetes blood sugar levels
Gestational diabetes affects both mother and baby

2. What is the glycemic index?

The diabetes index (glycemic index) is abbreviated as GI. This is a measure of blood sugar and is measured in mg / dl or mmol / L. Based on this index, pregnant women can know if they have diabetes or not?.

GI will give different results at each time of day. Therefore, pregnant women should measure before eating, after eating and when hungry to compare and get the most accurate results.

3. What is a safe blood sugar levels for gestational diabetes?

The gestational glycemic index (blood sugar levels) is considered normal, safe for pregnant women based on the results measured at:

– Fasting: ≤ 92 mg / dl (5.1 mmol / l)

– 1 hour after meals: ≤ 180 mg / dl (10 mmol / l)

– After 2 hours: ≤ 153 mg / dl (8.5 mmol / l).

To actively monitor the glycemic index during pregnancy, mothers can use a blood glucose meter at home instead of having to wait until every prenatal visit. If you see a difference with the safe blood glucose index, you should inform your doctor to handle timely.

4. What is a dangerous blood sugar levels for gestational diabetes?

To determine the exact indicators warning pregnant women are suffering from gestational diabetes at dangerous levels based on 2 antenatal care visits with the following indicators.

overweight pregnant women have risk of diabetrs
Overweight pregnant women usually have risk of diabetes

4.1. During the first trimester screening

Pregnant women with multiple risk factors will be ordered to have a fasting glucose test, HbA1c or any blood glucose test.

– If one of the fasting serum glucose values> 7.0mmol / L, HbA1c> 6.5%, random blood sugar> 11.1mmol / L, the woman is diagnosed with clinical diabetes.

 – If fasting blood sugar level is from 5.1 to 7.0 mmol / L, the woman is diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

– If fasting blood glucose <5.1mmol / L, wait until 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, give the pregnant woman an oral glucose tolerance test to diagnose gestational diabetes.

blood sugar levels test
Pregnant women with many risk factors will be indicated a fasting blood glucose test

4.2. At 24-28 weeks of pregnancy

Pregnant women with fasting blood sugar levels <5.1mmol / L will have to undergo glucose tolerance therapy.
Here’s how to do it: First, the pregnant woman will have her fasting blood glucose. Then, the pregnant woman was asked to take about 75g of glucose for 5 minutes. Next, the doctor will take a blood sample to measure the blood glucose concentration 1 and 2 hours after taking the glucose.

– If fasting blood sugar levels > 7.0mmol / L, the pregnant woman has clinical diabetes.

 – A pregnant woman is diagnosed with gestational diabetes if she meets one or more of the following 3 indicators:

  • Fasting time: ≥ 5.1 mmol / L
  • At 1 hour: ≥ 10.0 mmol / L
  • At 2 hours: ≥ 8.5 mmol / L 
  • If all 3 indicators are less than the values mentioned above, pregnant woman is completely normal.

The mid-pregnancy period is a period of strong fetal development. Pregnant women need:

  • Comprehensive screening of fetal defects with outstanding 4D ultrasound technology.
  • Screening for gestational diabetes, avoiding many dangerous complications for both mother and baby.
  • Maternal weight control to assess the health of pregnant women and fetal development.
  • Understand the signs of early birth threats (especially in people with multiple pregnancies or a history of miscarriage or premature birth) to receive timely treatment for pregnancy.



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