Stay Away from These Foods When You have Impaired Liver Function

foods avoid impaired liver function
Foods to avoid When You have Impaired Liver Function

The Liver is considered as a “factory” for processing food and providing energy for the body. When there is any disease in the Liver, the operation of the “factory” will stall, it needs time for the plant to be repaired. Impaired Liver function is a dangerous disease. In order to prevent and support effective disease treatment, patients need to pay attention to which nutrition to eat and what foods to avoid.

1. What is Impaired Liver Function?

liver function
Diet for people with impaired liver function should pay attention?

The Liver is an important organ in the digestive system and the whole body. It is such as toxic waste apparatus, responsible for many different functions. The Liver’s main job is to metabolize and remove toxins from food outside the body. In addition, the liver also secretes bile to help digest fat effectively.

When toxins in the body are brought to the Liver too much, it will make the liver work too hard and easily lead to impaired Liver function. The Liver, like most other organs, can be attacked by viruses and bacteria. And among them, impaired liver function is a common disease.

Therefore, early detection and timely treatment of Liver function decline is an important job that each person needs to pay special attention to.

2. When Liver Function is Impaired, What Foods should You Avoid?

When liver function is impaired, patients need to stay away from certain foods that are harmful to the liver and have the risk of making the disease worse. These include:

2.1. Stay away from Stimulants like Alcohol, Beer, Alcoholic Beverages

Drinking alcohol is very harmful to the Liver. This is something that most people know. However, it is not only hard alcohol that is harmful, but any type of alcoholic beverage is not good for the Liver if consumed in large quantities.

This is a taboo food group for people with impaired Liver function and fatty Liver. Drinking alcohol will promote the transition from fatty Liver to cirrhosis and even Liver cancer. The elimination of fat and toxic substances from alcohol creates a huge burden on the Liver.

When you drink many glasses of wine or drink a lot of beer, the total alcohol content is still higher than a glass of hard wine. Therefore, minimize the use of alcohol to protect your own Liver.

2.2. Grilled Foods

Grilled and fried foods are the favorite foods of many people due to their delicious taste. However, if grilled or fried at high temperatures for a long time, seasonings can create carcinogenic substances. These toxins pass through and are processed in the Liver. If you eat a lot, often, the frequency of work of the Liver must also increase, overloading, causing impaired function.

In addition, grilled meat often contains a lot of fat plus spices and a large amount of salt, which increases the metabolic burden on the Liver and Kidneys.

2.3. Fried Foods, Processed Foods with a lot of Fat

Although fat is necessary to provide energy and maintain normal physiological functions of the body, eating too much fat will put heavy pressure on the Liver.

After eating greasy foods into the body, it will increase the amount of fat that the Liver has to process, which can cause Liver problems, especially fatty Liver. If you eat too much fat of animal origin, it will be more harmful because the Liver’s ability to break down this type of fat is much less than fat of vegetable origin.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid eating too much fat from daily foods such as fatty meats, cooking oils, processed dishes with large amounts of oil.

2.4. Red Meat

With rich protein content, red meat is an essential food in the daily human diet. However, many studies show that cutting down on red meat in your diet will help you have a healthier Liver. If your Liver is healthy, it can break down the proteins in meat easily.

If your Liver is damaged, it will have difficulty metabolizing protein. When the Liver is impaired in the function of protein metabolism, the excess protein will become toxic and directly affect the brain, causing dizziness and fatigue.

Nutritionists recommend avoiding a lot of red meat, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with Liver disease. Certain white meats like chicken and fish are good choices so you can get protein without harming your Liver function.

2.5. Fast Foods

Fast food is not good for the Liver and Kidneys and has the potential to cause obesity. In fast foods often contain a lot of fat and sugar (or artificial sweeteners). If consumed in excess will increase the burden on the Liver.

2.6. Sugar, Salt, Spices

if you eat a lot of sugar, can cause Liver damage

Spices will make food more delicious and attractive, but it also has the side effect of harming the Liver if eaten in excess.

The body always needs a certain amount of salt, but eating too much will be harmful to health such as increasing blood pressure and not good for the Liver. Salt leads to the accumulation and stagnation of fluid in the Liver, increasing the risk of fatty Liver. For a long time, it will cause Liver function to decrease, affecting the digestive process and filtering toxins out of the body.

Besides, if you eat a lot of sugar, not only increases the risk of obesity but also can cause Liver damage. This is because the amount of fructose in the Liver is partially converted to fat droplets. If there is too much sugar, it will lead to fat accumulation and potentially cause liver disease. According to many studies, sugar can be as harmful to your liver as alcohol, so it is necessary to limit the consumption of high-sugar products such as candy, cakes, etc.

2.7. Analgesic

Overuse of pain relievers is also a cause of Liver dysfunction, so it should be limited. This is because pain relievers often contain acetaminophen, which is harmful to the Liver. Therefore, never abuse pain relievers, if the pain is too much, take the correct dose.

2.8. Spoiled, Moldy Foods

Moldy foods such as peanuts, soybeans, and corn produce highly toxic aflatoxin that can easily cause degeneration or necrosis of Liver cells, leading to Liver cancer. High-fat foods: Foods such as lard, beef, fried, grilled, and stir-fried foods contain a lot of saturated fatty acids when loaded into the body, which puts pressure on the Liver to work a lot and is easily damaged by toxins and free radicals.

The Liver is an important part of the human body, each of us needs to protect ourselves by not impairing Liver function. By reference article, hope you will have a suitable diet for themselves to protect the Liver works well!.

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