Diabetics should be Careful When using Honey

drinking honey hypoglycemia
Drinking Honey can help the patient's blood sugar increase rapidly in dangerous cases such as hypoglycemia.

For healthy people, Honey is one of the healthy foods, in addition it also brings many benefits in treating a number of diseases. But with people with diabetes, Can They drink Honey? We will find out the answer below.

For people with diabetes, maintaining blood sugar levels is very important. If you control your blood sugar well, it can help prevent or slow complications of diabetes, such as damage to the Nerves, Eyes or Kidneys.

Did you know that added sugars, including white sugar and Honey, are at the top of the list of foods that cause spikes in blood sugar?. However, do Honey and sweets have the same effect on blood sugar levels?. The following article will help you answer this question.

1. The Benefits of Honey for the Body

diabetics should not intake honey
Doctors recommend that diabetics should not intake Honey everyday

For a person in a healthy condition, not suffering from blood sugar diseases like diabetes, drinking this ones is highly recommended. This gives the body more resistance and aids in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. However, the use them should also be controlled, if overuse can also lead to the risk of diabetes.

The main ingredients of Honey is glucose and fructose. In addition to a number of minerals, vitamins, and some other enzymes, … According to many scientific studies and experiments proving that It can help. Cough treatment, constipation prevention, energy supply, mouth heat reduction, each spoon a day will make the body replenish all necessary nutrients. But a small note is that people with diarrhea should not use them, because it will make diarrhea worse!.

If a person is healthy, physically well, using 2-3 tablespoons a day will be a very good job. If it is combined with lemon juice it will be an excellent alcohol solution. When it combines Lemon and Avocado, it will create a whitening mask that women love. For children with a cough that is difficult to use medicine, giving the child a little Honey also greatly improves the child’s condition.

2. The Effects of Honey on Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism that causes high blood sugar levels in the blood, causing damage to the blood vessels that nourish internal organs such as the Heart or Kidneys, Eyes or Nerve, leading to complications such as Kidney failure, Blindness or Limb necrosis …

Therefore, you should limit your intake of high-Glycemic Index foods. In particular, Honey is in those foods. It can spike blood sugar due to its high Glycemic Index (GI = 78). In which Glucose and fructose are both easily absorbed simple sugars. Sugar will be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, not through intermediaries, so it has the effect of quickly restoring health when we are tired or exercising vigorously, adjusting the body’s energy expenditure. They are the two main ingredients, accounting for 70%, making up the sweetness of ones.

It can spike blood sugar quickly. Attention for Diabetics should limit the use of Honey.  Following the instructions of nutritionists: Do not encourage Diabetics to drink Honey. Diabetics should drink a small amount (about 1 teaspoon). Drink away from meals, should dilute with about 200ml of water to avoid the case that it increases sugar in the blood of the patient quickly. Use pure Honey that does not contain other sugars.

The effects of them on blood sugar levels are usually more positive than sugar. According to one study, 75g of Honey increases blood sugar and insulin levels in the first 2 hours. However, also with 75g of sugar can raise blood sugar levels very high long time after that. The effect of Honey is similar in people with type 2 diabetes. It also increases insulin. Many researchers believe that insulin can lower blood sugar, so blood sugar levels usually drop after the first 60 minutes of taking Honey.

But Doctors recommend that diabetics should be careful when consuming Honey. Because It is a form of sugar, it can increase blood sugar.

3. Can people with Diabetes drink Honey?

drinking honey hypoglycemia
Drinking Honey can help the patient’s blood sugar increase rapidly in dangerous cases such as hypoglycemia.

Can Honey cure diabetes?. The answer is “NO“. It does not cure diabetes.

But Diabetics can still use this alternative sugar in lower amounts than normal people if the patient’s condition is not overweight or obese. Diabetic patients with large condition, BMI> 23kg / m2, the abstinence of sweetness, including abstinence from Honey is indispensable to protect health. Patients with normal body condition can still use small amount of them about 5ml of pure Honey which diluted with water to use.

It only serves as a useful remedy for some of the worst cases of diabetes treatment and which is a simple remedy for families and patients. Specifically, in the case of diabetic patients being treated with insulin, overdose of the drug leads to hypoglycemia, causing coma. Drinking Honey is a timely emergency, rapid increase in blood glucose.

In the daily diet, people with diabetes can use them when needing additional glucose to ensure enough nutritional components, but still can control blood glucose levels.

Thus, if Diabetics can drink it, the answer is “NO”. However, in some cases, such as hypoglycemia or need for additional glucose, it can still be used in very small amounts.

Today, people with diabetes are on the rise. Attention to eating and using properly these foods is essential. Using it every day is good for our bodies, but we need to use the right amount in order not to have a high risk of diabetes. For people with diabetes should consult a doctor on how to use Honey, how to drink them to not ignore a natural food rich in minerals, both does not affect the disease condition.

4. Notes when using Honey for Diabetics

If Diabetics use honey to replace refined sugar or other sweet foods, there are some issues to keep in mind:

Use it a little amount

Because it feels much sweeter than sugar, if you use it in tea, yogurt, … only a small amount is needed.

Use in moderation

The refreshing sweetness of Honey which always makes many people with diabetes uncontrollable. Although not as harmful as refined sugar, but remember that It still provides sugar, Diabetics can only consume in moderation.

Choose whole, organic or pure Honey

Currently, the real and fake Honey market is extremely chaotic and difficult to distinguish. Fake product is formulated from refined sugar, contains very high sugar content that is harmful to Diabetics. So choosing type that comes from nature without added sugar.

Combine with healthy foods

Using Honey helps to increase insulin levels and control your blood sugar, but it should be combined with good foods in the right diet for Diabetics.

Notes to use with special subjects

Pregnant women with gestational diabetes, if using it can stimulate uterine contractions, affecting the development of the fetus. People with intestinal dysfunction, if using it can cause diarrhea, constipation, … People with low blood pressure, using it containing Acetylcholine can cause a decrease in blood pressure.

For Diabetics, the control of blood sugar, blood pressure as well as regular health checks, prevention of Cardiovascular, Kidney, and Eye complications are very important. Cardiovascular complications are the leading cause of death in Diabetics, experts say. Therefore, in addition to implementing a healthy diet, Diabetics also need regular health checks, blood tests, and related medical checkups.

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