Blood Sugar Will Be Out of Control if Diabetics Do These 4 Things Early in the Morning

diabetics in morning
Here are 4 things Diabetics do not early in the morning

Early morning is the time when blood sugar levels fluctuate the most. Building healthy habits early in the morning helps keep blood sugar levels in check throughout the day.

For people with diabetes, the morning is a very vulnerable time, so endocrinologist Li Aiguo (Head Doctor of China – Japan Friendship Hospital) especially notes 4 things not to do in the morning and suggests Best breakfast menu to lower blood sugar fast.

Here are 4 things diabetics should avoid doing in the morning to avoid any health risks.

1. What Causes Low Blood Sugar in the Morning?

Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar levels drop too low, usually below 3.9mmol/l (<70mg/dl), causing the body to experience glucose deficiency. As a result, the body’s activities are disturbed, signs of fatigue, dizziness, headache, … quickly appear.

Everyone must be wary of low blood sugar in the morning because this is the time when low blood sugar is most likely to occur. After a long night of not eating will cause blood sugar to drop, after waking up, low blood sugar, if not resolved, can lead to dangerous complications. The blood sugar reading at this point is also known as fasting hypoglycemia.

The symptoms of low blood sugar are usually quite recognizable. Symptoms will appear gradually and will get worse over time. The general symptoms that will appear when low blood sugar in the morning will be restlessness, shaking, shaking hands, feeling hungry. At that time, the patient’s body is easily irritable, has a headache, and it is difficult to concentrate when working.

The way to solve fasting hypoglycemia is to immediately prepare a full meal, rich in glucose, add sweet fruit or fruit juice, …

2. There are 4 Things Diabetics Not to Do in the Morning

2.1. Exercising Early in the Morning

excercise morning
Exercising early in the morning lowers blood sugar quickly

Many people with diabetes have a habit of getting up early and exercising on an empty stomach, which is very dangerous. Exercising on an empty stomach will quickly lower blood sugar, some diabetics have low blood sugar without knowing it, which can easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

The temperature in the early morning is relatively low, so people with diabetes who exercise at this time will easily catch a cold. In addition, the level of “concentration” of the blood of diabetics is quite high, thereby making the blood circulation process not smooth, so the lower the temperature, the more likely it is to form a hematoma, causing the blood circulation to slow down.

Exercising in the early morning, when the temperature is low, there is a very high risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents. Therefore, doctors recommend people to exercise when the sun has risen, before exercising, drink a glass of warm water or eat something light to reduce the risk of danger before starting to warm up.

2.2. Eat High-Sugar Foods for Breakfast

Diabetics should absolutely avoid eating sweets with high sugar content in the morning, if you eat a lot at once, your blood sugar will rise rapidly. Diabetics should not eat well-ripe bananas, cakes, sweetened milk, energy drinks… at breakfast.

According to endocrinologist Li Aiguo, breakfast food choices should be foods with a low glycemic index (GI less than 55), such as avocados, hard-boiled eggs, salads, whole grains and boiled vegetables. …

2.3. Wash Your Hair in the Morning

wash hair in morning
People with diabetes washing their hair in the morning easily cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Many people have a habit of bathing in the morning because doing this brings a feeling of comfort and refreshment for a new day. But people with diabetes washing their hair in the morning easily cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, headaches, strokes …

Not only washing hair, but bathing in the morning is also very harmful, can make the body tired, headache, stiff neck because the blood has not been circulated. Complications of diabetes such as joint pain will appear after you shower in the morning, so you have to pay more attention.

2.4. Do Not Eat Breakfast

Young people often have a habit of not eating breakfast, but skipping breakfast for a long time causes many health problems such as stomach disease, kidney stones, low blood sugar…

Young people or people with good health can still endure due to high resistance. But people with diabetes do not eat breakfast will be very dangerous. Not eating breakfast causes endocrine disorders, severe insulin damage and blood sugar fluctuations. Skipping breakfast also reduces the ability of β cells to improve memory (insulin secreting cells in the pancreas).

A study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that people who didn’t eat breakfast were 87% more likely to die from heart disease. According to Time, skipping breakfast causes us to accumulate plaque in the arteries, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, due to disturbances in the body’s circadian rhythm.

When we don’t eat breakfast, β cells have to wait until after lunch to recover, which slows down insulin response and raises blood sugar throughout the day.

Some people don’t eat breakfast, just take blood sugar-lowering drugs, which is even more dangerous, easily causing blood sugar to drop too low, damaging to health.

In addition to diet, regular exercise every day also brings many benefits to blood sugar. Exercise increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, reduces blood sugar, thereby helping the body fight many diseases.

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