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Diabetes is a very serious disease and is killing large numbers of people around the world. Diabetic complications are very dangerous such as amputation, nerve damage, liver failure, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease …. Therefore, the monitoring and treatment of diabetes is necessary to do immediately. What are the most effective diabetes treatments? This category will help you to effectively treat diabetes and stabilize blood sugar.


Top 15 Magnesium-Rich Foods That are Good for the Heart and...

Magnesium is a mineral that is rarely mentioned in the important nutrients for the body. However, magnesium plays an important role in...
healthy smoothies

Top 10 Good Smoothies for Diabetics to Help Control Blood Sugar

Smoothies for people with diabetes need not only to be safe for their health, but also to help patients not be deprived...
pomegranate juice

You already Know: Why is Pomegranate Good for People with Diabetes?

To control blood sugar, people with diabetes are often advised to limit eating fruits. However, the Pomegranate is not one of them....
diabetes vegetables smoothies

Thanks to the miraculous smoothie that this man was able to...

How to cure diabetes nature without medication? Let you drink this smoothie every day to prevent disease and promote general health. "May be...
plant milk

Which Milk Should I Choose for People with Diabetes?  

For people with diabetes, nutrition plays an important role in controlling the glycemic index. Milk for diabetics is a product...
prediabetes diet

Prediabetes Diet and Excercise- How to prevent Prediabetes from becoming Diabetes

When going to health examination and accidentally discovered being in the prediabetes stage, it will surely make you bewildered. And even more...
calcium rich foods

Top 15 Foods Rich in Calcium for Strong Bones and Teeth

Calcium (abbreviated Ca) plays an important role in the body, especially in bone and teeth organization in the form of calcium phosphate....

How to Start the most Effective Intermittent Fasting 16/8 for Beginners?

Losing weight by Intermittent Fasting has been successfully applied by many people and has become a favorite way to get in shape....
antidiabetes drugs fracture

Why People with Diabetes more Prone to Fracture?

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases that cause chronic hyperglycemia due to defective insulin secretion or insulin resistance. Chronic hyperglycemia...

How does Apple affect Diabetes disease and Blood Sugar?

It is extremely important to include fruits and vegetables in a diabetic diet. However, not everyone knows how to choose fruits for...

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