Diabetes Basic

A disease that is silently killing many people in the world without anyone noticing. It is diabetes. But until now, many people do not know any thing about it and why it is dangerous for the health and lives of diabetics. This category will provide you with useful information about diabetes and its treatment.

unripe banana

Diabetics like to eat Banana, What should They be aware of?

People with diabetes need to pay attention to fruits and foods that are high in sugar as they can increase glucose levels...
drinking honey hypoglycemia

Diabetics should be Careful When using Honey

For healthy people, Honey is one of the healthy foods, in addition it also brings many benefits in treating a number of...
diabetic drugs

Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Popular Anti-Diabetes Drugs

Type 2 diabetes is when the body can still produce insulin, but it does not produce enough insulin or because the cells...
whole grain

Safe diet bread for diabetics, help weight loss and avoid hyperglycemia...

According to nutrition experts, bread is a food with many health benefits. This is because bread contains many important vitamins. This is...
should diabetics eat corn

Should People with Diabetes Eat Corn?

Diabetes is a chronic and popular disease in the world with consequences of extremely dangerous complications such as kidney failure, heart failure,...

What will you do if your children have diabetes and how...

Many people believe that diabetes can only occur in the elderly, but children are also at...
diabetic patients dangerous complications

Doctors Warn 8 Common Mistakes that Cause Diabetic Patients to Amputate...

Every 8 seconds that passes, 1 person dies from diabetes. For diabetic patients, many mistakes stem from the lack of knowledge...
diabetic eye complication

Eye diabetes complications – The risk of rapid vision loss

High blood sugar will lead to many complications on organs in the body such as the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, teeth, nerves,...
hypoglycemia diabetics

Prevention of complications of hypoglycemia in people with diabetes

Hypoglycemia can be seen in many people, but the most common one is those with diabetes who are on medication to lower...

Vitamin supplement is indispensable in the diet of diabetics

Eating a varied diet rich in natural sources of vitamin is a good idea for diabetics. Nutritional support is very...

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