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A disease that is silently killing many people in the world without anyone noticing. It is diabetes. But until now, many people do not know any thing about it and why it is dangerous for the health and lives of diabetics. This category will provide you with useful information about diabetes and its treatment.

What will you do if your children have diabetes and how...

Many people believe that diabetes can only occur in the elderly, but children are also at...
gestational diabetes should eat

Gestational diabetes diet- The best way protect both mother and baby?

Nutrition for pregnant women during pregnancy is an important factor determining the development of the fetus. However, at present, many...
diabetic eye complication

Eye diabetes complications – The risk of rapid vision loss

High blood sugar will lead to many complications on organs in the body such as the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, teeth, nerves,...
what is normal blood sugar

What is a normal blood sugar level of healthy people?

The person will not know if he has diabetes or not without relying on the blood...
hypoglycemia diabetics

Prevention of complications of hypoglycemia in people with diabetes

Hypoglycemia can be seen in many people, but the most common one is those with diabetes who are on medication to lower...
dangerous blood sugar levels

What is a Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels for Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes can cause dangerous complications for both mother and fetus. Therefore, pregnant women need to know the dangerous blood sugar levels...

What would my Blood Sugar be Like if I Eat a...

When you have diabetes, you should eat and do not eat what fruits, how to eat, how much to eat to both...
diabetes complications

Serious Complications of Diabetes need early yourselves controlling

As you know Diabetes is a top serious disease, special type 2 Diabetes. But do you know it's complications affect patient's health...
diabetics need to eat pineapple moderation

How Does Eating Pineapple Affect My Blood Sugar?. Can I eat...

If you have diabetes, you should eat and not eat what fruits, how to eat, how much to eat to both control...
gestaional diabetes is dangarous for mother and baby

Gestational diabetes, unpredictable dangers for both mother and baby

Do not be worry if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Just with a reasonable diet and exercise, your health...

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